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Is this cruelty worth your down jackets or bedding



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Is this cruelty worth your down jackets or bedding

I bet many of you, and at one time myself included, did not know that birds such as these poor geese, were plucked alive, their feathers ripped from them with callous disregard for the immense amount of suffering they are forced to endure.

As you can see from the video this is shocking cruelty of the worst kind.

How the hell can anyone do this to a living thinking feeling sentient creature, who feels pain as much as you would. The thought of this breaks my heart and turns my stomach, it is beyond my comprehension to understand the mentality of anyone who would inflict such pain on defenceless animals in order to take by force of appalling brutality the feathers which nature provided for this creature. Birds feathers are not meant to be used to make pillows, or quilts or jackets.

If you buy a quilt made of feathers you condone this cruelty. If you stop buying such products this appalling cruelty would end.

There is no excuse, no justification.

As with most everything done in this modern greedy self serving world, this cruelty is done for profit of course as with modern materials this is not necessary.

Turn on the sound if you are not yet convinced by their poor blood soaked bodies.

Such wicked cruelty has no place in any modern society.


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