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More Action to help Angora Rabbits Plucked Alive – Includes Updated


Shocking Animal Abuse – Agroscope, Fit Cows With Portholes to Test Digestion

Video: A sheep's Best Friend


Help Orca Lolita to reunite with her pod.


Miracle Lamb

Research reveals that crayfish are intelligent creatures

A Message to Fox Hunters



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More Action to help Angora Rabbits Plucked Alive – Includes Updated

Please click the links below to read previous posts if you have not already done so
Rabbits Scream in Pain as Their Fur is Plucked While They Are Alive!
Please Help Rabbits Tortured For Angora:
Please Help Rabbits Tortured for Angora

Click Retailers which sell angora - Jan update 2014  for a simplified and updated list of retailers for you to write to.

There follows more action you can take to help rabbits.
Please help PETA with their continuing campaign to stop this shockingly cruel treatment of rabbits.  Most of the information below is from PETA’s USA website however the suggested actions may be either taken by anyone or adapted to your own country.

Firstly an e-mail form to Tell Gap to Stop Squeezing Profits From Screaming Rabbits! Gap have stores worldwide so wherever you are please send an e-mail.

Warning distressing graphic. If you are likely to be effected please scroll down quickly to send the e-mail.

As you can see there has been an update so please edit the template letter to reflect this and make sure that Gap goes all the way by writing—and also encouraging everyone you know to write—to urge the company to BAN angora NOW!

Check out the link below for action taken by Animal advocates  who went to a Gap, Inc., store in both Hollywood, California, and Victoria, British Columbia, in order to “return” “bloody rabbits” meant to represent those whose angora fur had been ripped from their sensitive skin to make sweaters sold by the retailer.

Please write letters and e-mail to the Chinese ambassador to your country

If you live in the USA you can use a PETA e-mail form to write to the Chinese Ambassador 

Scroll down to send an e-mail. Please use as a template and add your own thoughts. If this is not possible just send as it as it is.

Or if you prefer using your own e-mail or write a postal letter the contact details of the Chinese Ambassador to the USA follows.  Also details for other countries.

If you are not sure how to address the ambassador here are some suggestions:

According to this website the correct salutation for a letter or e-mail is Dear Ambassador and His or Her Excellency followed by full their full name on the envelope May apply only to UK foreign ambassadors.


Confusing? Isn’t it always.  I think it will be okay to  write His Excellency Ambassador Mr.  - add full name –  at the left hand corner of your e-mail or letter along with the embassy address  and address him as Dear Ambassador.

Whether these formalities make any real difference or not I have no idea, to my mind such salutations and others matter of etiquette are an anachronism and elevate one person above another. But that perhaps is another matter for another time. The most important thing to remember when writing is please be courteous.

Ambassador: Cui Tiankai
Address: 3505, International Place, N.W., Washington DC 20008

If you live elsewhere in the world please send an e-mail or postal letter to the Chinese Embassy in your own Country. There follows a short list, if your country is not included please use a search engine for details of contact information.

The UK
H.E. Ambassador MR. Liu Xiaoming
Address: 49-51 Portland Pl, London W1B 1JL

Ambassador: Chen Yuming
Address: 15 Coronation Drive, Yarralumla, ACT 2600 Canberra

Ambassador: Wu Hongbo
Address: Markisches Ufer 54,10179, Berlin

Ambassador: Zhang Junsai
Address: 515 St. Patrick Street, Ottawa, Ont. K1N 5H3

Ambassador: Kong Quan (concurrently Ambassador to Monaco)
Address: 11, av. George V, 75008, Paris

Ambassador: Zhang Yan
Address: 50-D, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021

Ambassador: Ding Wei (concurrently Ambassador to San Marino)
Address: N0.56, Via Bruxelles, 00198 Rome

Ambassador: Sun Yuxi
Address:Bonifraterska St.1,00-203, Warsaw

Ambassador: Mr. Zhang Jun
Address: Willem Lodewijklaan 10 2517 JT, The Hague

Don’t forget to write to retailers in your country
I have written to every retailer here in the UK

There have been some successes

Here in the UK Zara and Gap finally ban angora as shoppers threaten to boycott shops over the horrific plight of rabbits plucked alive for their fur

Success is possible . Please carefully read : 
Retailers Who Have Dropped Angora – the List

Things are moving extremely fast in the campaign against angora. More and more companies are listening to their customers and ditching angora

If you have not already written please do so to all or as many retailers as you can on the list below. Please write also to those who have indicated a ban to ensure all commitments to bans and investigations are followed through.

Retailers which sell angora - Updated Jan 2014  a simplified and updated list of retailers for you to write to.

The above is also included in my wordPress blog

Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox
A blog in support of animal and human rights and the environment


March 4th

Shocking Animal Abuse – Agroscope, Fit Cows With Portholes to Test Digestion

This shocked me recently though it has been practiced since 1833

Man’s inhumanity to the other species with whom we share this world never ceases to shock me.

At Agroscope, situated in Grangeneuve, Switzerland, 14 cows have been fitted  with portholes - cannulas -  in their sides. Cows treated this way are called Cannulated cows. The hole, which is cut directly into the cows rumen and allows access to the stomach,  is 15 centimetres in diameter and has a screwable lid made of rubber. Effectively this procedure leaves an open wound in a cow's body for life.

The purpose of this horrendous mutilation is to test the digestion of different experimental blends of oats to create a more balanced feed for the animals.

The following videos show  unbelievable abuse of a sentient creature, not only is cannulation cruel but it treats a living being as though she is a commodity, as though she is just a hunk of flesh with no feelings.

You can click the following link to continue to read and watch the videos:

March 4th

Video: A sheep's Best Friend

Animals are sentient, intelligent, perceptive, funny and entertaining. We owe them a duty of care as we do to children.
Michael Morpurgo

A friend of mine sent me a link to the following which I would like to share with you. This is not only a delightfully amusing video but it also highlights the fact that animals are sentient beings, capable of companionship, having fun and enjoying life.

A Sheep's Best Friend


To read more about this film:

May 20th

Help Orca Lolita to reunite with her pod.

Below is a link to a petition to ask Miami-Dade County Commission (Palace Entertainment) to reunite Lolita with her pod. Lolita has been kept alone without the company of another orca in a barren tank for forty-five years.

Orcas are highly intelligent animals. Imagine what it must be like to be kept confined in a small Tank - the smallest in
America - for forty-five years with no stimulation, no company, no freedom just circling endlessly round and round in such a tiny space except for when when she is required for entertainment.

A Day in the Life of Lolita, the Performing Orca

Cruel, inhumane and exploitative in the extreme. Now if enough people sign the petition and write to Miami-Dade County Commission, Lolita may have the chance to return to the pod from which she was so cruelty parted.

"Palace Entertainment, a California-based amusement park company, has been authorized by Miami-Dade County Commission to purchase the lone Orca "Lolita" from the Miami Seaquarium (MSQ). This is an opportunity to ask that "Lolita" be released back into the waters of her birth–a request that has been repeatedly denied by MSQ's current owners."

Read more and sign the petition. Also contact information for Palace Entertainment - includes a sample letter. You will need to click "More" at the end of the petition information to access the contact information and sample letter.

Please do sign the petition and write a letter or e-mail

Please politely urge Fernando Eiroa, President and CEO
to release Lolita back into the waters of her birth. Surely after forty-five years of being used for entertainment she deserves this.

June 14th

Miracle Lamb

The world appears to be a very uncaring place, callousness, indifference, cruelty, exploitation and all manner of abuse is prevalent. With the event of the internet the atrocities towards human and non human animals alike are laid bare. The facts are shocking overwhelming and downright depressing. Cruelty is rife on a scale we would once have thought unimaginable, it is as though we are drowning in cruelty, particularly towards the myriad species with whom we share this world.

Thankfully there are many people who care about animals, dedicating their lives to their care and well-being.

Recently I have included an article to this website:
The Good That Men Do: A Brief Look at Some of the Organisations and People Who Care About Animals

To add to this I would like to share this lovely article and video

Sheep Survives Fire and Gives Birth to Miracle Lamb

After narrowly escaping death when the bushfires raged across Victoria, Australia earlier this year,Bridget the sheep found herself in another life or death situation.

Still singed and blackened from the fire, her horrifically broken back leg flopped around beneath her as she hobbled across the paddock. Predicting a hopeless future, the farmer went for his gun while his wife pleaded for a second chance.

When Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary came to the rescue, they could see that despite Bridget’s broken leg, her spirit was as strong as ever and she wasn’t ready to give up yet.

Please continue reading and watch the video

Also see:


Research reveals that crayfish are intelligent creatures

Most people accept that their dog or cat has emotions and increasingly more and more people consider also that farm animals are intelligent, self-aware, emotional beings, but what about crustaceans?

Do crayfish, lobsters, crabs , shrimp, krill even barnacles have emotional lives.

New research is proving that indeed these creatures, who are often boiled alive with barely a second thought, may indeed experience emotions including anxiety, and in addition have the ability to make decisions.

It has previously been shown that crabs feel pain - well they have a nervous system so of course they do. Moreover both crabs and lobsters are capable of remembering pain. Lobsters use foreplay And even more incredible crabs may use maths to navigate their way home.

There is no doubt that there is much more to learn about the emotional lives of crustaceans, it is though quite clear from the research discussed below that these creatures experience anxiety, which means they are aware, conscious, sentient and as a consequence should be treated humanely.

You can read details concerning recent research below:

Please sign the petition cited in the article above which I have included here also, but please do read the article.

Stop the suffering of lobsters and crabs!
Help us tell the Dutch government to ban the regular killing methods and introduce new more animal-friendly methods:

Of course the Netherlands is not the only country to boil crayfish, lobsters and crabs alive, this hideous cruelty takes place the world over. The above petition has been selected simply because it is the only one that is current as far as I am aware.

Also concerning the petition, I have to point out that there is no way to humanely kill any animal and there is nothing humane about death nor is there anything remotely ethical about taking the life of another sentient being however less painful. Although the eradication of boiling these poor creatures alive would be a step forwards the ideal solution is of course to stop killing them and indeed any other animal for their meat. Meat is a food that is not natural to man, is not healthy and is no longer necessary and causes immense suffering to thinking feeling sentient beings.

Please also bear in mind that I do not condone animal experiments for any reason whatsoever and hesitated whether or not to include this article which describes the administration of electric shocks to crayfish. However as the article, and the others referenced within, point to an important discovery concerning crayfish which may change the way these animals are treated I decided to include the above information.

Read why understanding that crustaceans are sentient is important for their well-being:

Frankly I consider we should give an animal the benefit of the doubt and not inflict pain on any being with or without proof of consciousness or the ability to feel pain. Besides all animals with a nervous system are likely to feel pain, this is common sense. Moreover even animals without a nervous system such as sponges and jellyfish, or a simple nervous system would not survive long if they could not feel pain.

We need to prove for the benefit of callous insensitive people such as the person in the video below, who incidentally is teaching his child the same inhumanity, that these creatures are sentient beings who feel pain.

Crawfish refuses to be boiled alive! May 2011

As one commenter said:
I don't understand how people can watch an animal struggle and watch it die without a care in the world. Sociopathic and psychopathic behaviour OR pure ignorance.

Right now crayfish, lobsters, crabs and other crustaceans* are not treated humanely and there are no laws to protect them. Maybe if it is more widely known that these creatures and all crustaceans feel pain, have emotional lives and are intelligent more laws will be enacted to protect them.

Frankly at times it can be very difficult to know if it is a good idea to sign such petitions, however an improvement in the welfare of these and other animals is progress and while the ideal is a vegan diet this is not likely to happen in the near future and in the meantime millions of pain feeling animals including crayfish will suffer and die an agonising death unless we do something to stop this. This horrendous cruelty has to stop - imagine the agony of being boiled alive, the searing pain beyond ones ability to contemplate. Did you know that lobsters frantically thrash around as they are being boiled alive, they tear at their own bodies with their claws until their limbs drop off. Who has not burnt themselves on the stove for instance or felt the sting of sharp burning pain from a splash of boiling water from a kettle or saucepan, multiply that by a few thousand times and you might get an idea of the excruciating pain suffered by these helpless creatures as they are callously tossed into boiling water. Such cruelty has to stop, if we are to consider ourselves as progressing in an ethical way, it we are to consider our society to be civilised.

* Note lobster and crayfish are very similar so it is almost certain that lobsters like crayfish experience anxiety and it is more than likely that this is true for all crustaceans.

Related information


Image of crayfish:

October 18th

A Message to Fox Hunters

Please note there are problems with some of the links, I will try to rectify as soon as possible.

All you fox hunters out there, you are killing a sentient being. Look how playful the fox is in the first video, just like your pet dog upon whom you may lavish your attention. Foxes are thinking feeling creatures who wish to live as do you or your dog. Watch the videos and see for yourself what extraordinary creatures they are

A Fox Steals A Man's Golf Ball And Has The Time Of His Life!

"In this cute animal video, a baby fox has a great time messing with these golfers golfball. Adorable!"


Dawn the Fox wags her tail

This is Dawn, one of the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary's 6 resident foxes that cannot be returned to the wild. The majority of animals we get in is injured wildlife that is aimed to be returned into the wild, however, Dawn was a young fox that was took into a dog rescue centre as the member of public that found her thought she was a dog! When they realised they bought her into us but it was too late, because she was too tame and this meant that she wouldn't be able to look after herself in the wild. Dawn is not a pet, and we do not recommend any fox or wild animal as a pet.


Join Jack the Fox on his daily routine including a quick game of football and a shampoo and blow dry!

Fox hunting has been banned here in the UK though no doubt in more isolated areas it continues. We need to make sure that fox hunting remains banned and is not reinstated

The Hunting Season. Though fox hunting has been banned these hunts continue.

League Against Cruel Sports' Investigators will be out in force throughout the Season gathering evidence of wildlife crime in order to bring the criminals to justice. The team combines the knowledge and skills of experienced investigators, legal experts including a solicitor and ex police officers.
Read More:

If you see any suspicious hunting activities please ring this number in confidence:  01483 361 108. You can also use the League of Cruel Sports online form or email at 

Keep the wildlife crime telephone number handy and report anyone fox hunting or hunting with dogs or any other illegal wildlife crime: WILDLIFE CRIMEWATCH LINE 01483 361 108

An official explanation of hunting with dogs:
 Sadly the barbarous cruelty of hunting rabbits and rats and retrieving hares that have been shot is still allowed as is drag hunting and trail hunting - this could easily be used as a cover for fox hunting- and the supposed flushing out of pests.

Also note at the bottom of the following web page:
"You can be jailed and fined up to £5,000 for hunting illegally or up to £20,000 for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal".
So death is not an unnecessary suffering? Being chases for miles as is the case for deer hunting or hare coursing is not unnecessary suffering? Surely the premature death of any creature merely to satisfy the perverted pleasure of the few in our society causes suffering. Hunting causes suffering to all creatures and need to be consigned to history were it belongs

Here are the rules regarding hunting: - sickening isn't it that in the 21st century such barbaric behaviour has not been outlawed and the rules of hunting presented in such a matter of fact way on a government website.

Take Action

The Government is trying to bring back fox hunting

The Government has indicated that they have been considering amending the Hunting Act by using an Affirmative Statutory Instrument (SI), a type of legislation that can be used to push unpopular changes through Parliament with less scrutiny than a full vote on repeal would require.
Read More and send a message. Tell your MP that you don't want a repeal by the back door:

Not convinced of the cruelty of Fox Hunting?

Watch the videos.

Warning disturbing images for those of us who are sensitive to the suffering of another sentient being.




Regarding one of the You Tube comments following the 2nd video:

“David Cameron has promised a free and fair vote on the issue, no party whips, no being told how to vote, its highly democratic.”  Democracy has nothing to do with this issue which is about what is right and what is wrong, what is ethical and what is unethical. The murder of a sentient being for amusement can never be ethical, nor allowed in any country that wishes to make moral progress. The consensus or otherwise of cruelty whether it be hunting or other form of abuse, and there are just so many, is irrelavant.  The hunting of any creature has no place in any modern civilised society. I find the fact that our prime minister,  who is responsible for the suffering of millions – including thousands of deaths as a result of welfare reforms - pursues the so-called sport of hunting very disturbing.

If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.
St. Francis of Assisi

Regardless of religious affiliation or other wise the above statement is just so true in the case of Cameron and in the case of anyone who mistreats animals. Such people are more likely to mistreat their own species as they have so little regard for the sanctity of life, the right to life.

“There will be no justice as long as man will stand with a knife or with a gun and destroy those who are weaker than he is.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer

Interesting fact

David Cameron’s local hunt, The Heythrop Hunt, with which the Prime Minister has ridden six times before the law changed was the first to be convicted and fined for illegally killing foxes:

There certainly is little justice in this country and never will be under the dictatorship of someone who has little respect for the rights of other living beings. One should indeed consider the strong possibility that Cameron will try to reinstate Fox hunting if he and his detestable Tory party are elected next year.

What's the current position on Hunting?

"Hunting an animal with dogs for sport is a cruel and unnecessary activity that has no place in a modern society, and is an activity which the League Against Cruel Sports has campaigned against for 90 years."

"A vote on repeal could be announced at any time and take place within a very short period of time, which is why it is vital that we do all we can to keep the pressure on politicians to remind them that we must Keep Cruelty History. 

Please ensure you are signed up to our e-campaigner list. When the challenge comes we need everyone to be ready to act to ensure we "
Read More:

Register your support:

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For Fox sake Don't Vote Tory - To warn people of the risk to wildlife if Tories (or UKIP) are re-elected:~

First published in September 2014 in my blog: