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Badger Cull and Democracy


Misao and Fukumaru: The  Heart Warming Bond Between a Grandmother and her Cat


A Memorial to Sooty and Other Related Matters

Conservation Emergency: Save the Sumatran Rainforest


Britain's Rabbits Need You


Imagine a World Without Elephants


Urgent Action Needed to Protect a Stag Named Red

What do Dogs think of humans - A scientist finds out

Four Poachers Jailed for 15 years for poisoning 300 elephants with cyanide

Rescuers Struggle for Hour to Save Elephant

A Story of Courage and Hope

Frog Saves Rat From Drowning


Live Animals Kept Inside Keyrings

Rabbits Scream in Pain as Their Fur is Plucked While They Are Alive!

A Selection of Cute Bunny Videos

Please Help Rabbits Tortured for Angora

Address list for angora retailers updated December 14th –  includes 19 more contact details.


Zirafa - Reblog from Walking with Alligators

Please sign the following petition to Tell Ralph Lauren to Stop Using Angora Fur From Tortured Rabbits



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Skinned Alive in China

“Killing an animal to make a coat is sin. It wasn't meant to be, and we have no right to do it. A woman gains status when she refuses to see anything killed to be put on her back. Then she's truly beautiful.”
Doris Day

The skinning of live animals is the most hideous cruelty you can imagine. Yes it does happen, the fur trade continues amidst the most unimaginable cruelty as animals have their skins torn from them while they are still  alive. The thought of the pain is unthinkable.

Such hideous practice occurs in China, the world's largest exporter of fur garments, half of which is imported into the USA.

There are no laws against the abuse of animals on fur farms in China were animals are treated in any way the owners of fur farms please. Animals including rabbits, mink, foxes and in many cases cats and dogs - more information about this further down - are housed in out-door cages in cramped conditions exposed to the elements, in freezing cold,  rain, and heat from the unrelenting scorching sunshine.

When undercover investigators made their way onto Chinese fur farms, they found that many animals are still alive and struggling desperately when workers flip them onto their backs or hang them up by their legs or tails to skin them. When workers on these farms begin to cut the skin and fur from an animal's leg, the free limbs kick and writhe. Workers stomp on the necks and heads of animals who struggle too hard to allow a clean cut.

Read more and watch the video by clicking the link below. Please note the video is shocking and many people will find it deeply disturbing, so if you are very sensitive please do not watch.  I think we can imagine quite well simply by reading , and that in itself can be difficult, the horror that awaits defenceless animals at the hands of these callous brutal people.

It is shocking that we share our world with people who are so cruel and sadistic and often as we go about our daily lives the horrors of barbaric brutality to human and non humans alike can seem unreal, as most decent people cannot quite grasp the mentality of such callous behaviour.

Though it is of course wrong to raise any animal for fur, particularly in such brutal conditions as those in China, many people will however be shocked to realise that cats and dogs are also breed for fur. Moreover it has been the case of family pets being taken from the streets, thrown into lorries in cramped cages and transported to fur farms where they meet the same fate as other mammals such as rabbits and foxes. To my mind the cruelty to any animal reared for the fur trade regardless of species is equally abhorrent.

An investigation by the Humane Society United States HSUS revealed that animals were hung by the neck while water is poured down their throats so that they drown. Other animals are skinned alive. Scenes of this kind of horrific treatment of cats and dogs came to light as a result of an eighteen month undercover investigation into the cat and dog fur trade in China. The result of this investigation showed that the extent of this heinous practice is bigger than was first believed with more than 2 million animals killed in this brutal way for the fur trade. Fur from cats and dogs has been found not only in the USA but also in Britain, Italy, Germany and Spain. Usually the fur is made up into coats - it takes 24 cats to make one coat and 10 to 12 dogs -  hats and gloves and the skin used for drums.

Read more about China's Fur trade here:

Shocking isn't it.

You have to ask what kind of person can so callously skin a breathing sentient animal alive than throw is or her flayed body still alive into a pile with others who have suffered a similar fate. The contemplation of such is sickening.

The globalization of the fur trade has made it impossible to know where fur products come from. China supplies more than half of the finished fur garments imported for sale in the United States. Even if a fur garment's label says it was made in a European country, the animals were likely raised and slaughtered elsewhere—possibly on an unregulated Chinese fur farm. Besides the fur trade is wrong even if the fur comes from else were where animals receive better treatment. At the end the day there is nothing humane about causing the death of any creature even to sate the appetite for a food that is not natural for humans let alone for the whims of silly fickle women who give little or no thought to the suffering of animals in order to adorn their bodies with clothing that symbolises the most appalling cruelty.

What can we Do

Here are some suggestions

Stop Wearing Fur

The only way to bring an end to the fur trade is of course to stop buying fur. For the sake of the fickle fashion of the equally fickle minded animals suffer unspeakable cruelty. It has to stop.

Faux fur looks the same. However beware that if it comes from China it may contain some animal fur.

Sign a pledge to go fur free:

Talk to people who wear fur

Here is a video with suggestions about how to approach someone wearing fur. While the temptation is strong of course to really give them a piece of your mind in no uncertain terms, even tip paint over the garment, a better approach is to be friendly and have some leaflets handy. Furthermore it never helps to break the law as often doing so shifts the support to the wearer of fur.

What To Say to Someone Wearing Fur:

Sign Petitions

There are many petitions on the internet here are a couple for you to sign.

Please sign and pass on to others via Twitter Face book, blogs, web sites and forums:

China: Stop the Cruel Dog and Cat Fur Trade!

Stop China's fur trade using Dogs and cats

More information


The Language of birds

I would like to share with you today a couple of fascinating studies about bird song. While most us enjoy the song of birds on a spring morning few of us realise that behind what we perceive as a joyful twittering is a more complex form of communication, the language of birds.

In our garden here in the UK our regular bird visitors consist mainly of sparrows, the occasional green finches and the odd visit by a robin and during the spring and summer there is the pleasing chirping of a regular blackbird who frequents our garden at the beginning of spring.  It is the sparrows though that fill the air with their wonderful boisterous twitters. Some sixty or so in number their tweets vary according to circumstance, two of which are the most noticeable: the frantic tweets when they are squabbling and the loud excited chirping  when it is raining. The later frantic singing appears to be chirps of pleasure at least that is the way I interpret them.

A sparrow's tweeting is complex and conveys messages to other birds. The background cacophony of tweets you hear on a spring day is actually the language that species of birds share. These, to us, indecipherable twitters are used to mark territory, alert neighbouring birds to predators, alert nesting birds to one another's location when seeking food and to identify potential mates. The song of a bird can also identify his or her age or state of health.

Even more surprising - well to those of the mindset that animals live by instinct alone - bird song has to be learnt. Just like humans, birds learn to sing from listening to parents and neighbours .

More amazing facts:

Birds speak in accents according to location.

Male sparrows react differently to songs sung by young and older sparrows; a male sparrow maybe more aggressive towards the calls of a mature sparrow than that of a younger bird.

Mocking birds have a more than a hundred different songs

Learn more fascinating information about the complex language of birds:

Decoding the language of birds:

More and more research evidence is showing how intelligent animals are. Though to us it may appear as though animals do not have language and of course if we compare animal communication to that of our own then no animals as far as we know do not have such a sophisticated and complex means of communication. But they are not without a language.

It is often said that humans are the only species who have evolved grammar, however research is beginning to prove otherwise.

While surfing the net recently I came across some examples of research that demonstrates that Bengal finches have evolved a form of syntax, a major component of grammar, which shows that humans are not the only creatures to have evolved grammatical rules.

Though these birds do not have verbs, nouns and so on, nonetheless Bengal finches have their own unique form of syntax and says Kentaro Abe of Kyoto University, Japan "Songbirds have a spontaneous ability to process syntactic structures in their songs,"

This discovery challenges the idea that only humans have evolved grammatical rules.

To show a sense of syntax in the animals, Abe's team played jumbled "ungrammatical" remixes of finch songs to the birds and measured the response calls.

Although many animals, including dogs, parrots and apes are known to interpret and construct "sentences", and recognise human words for individual objects, Abe says that only his finches have been shown to have a form of grammar in their utterances. Similar claims have been made for whale song, however.

In the wild, Bengal finches call back vigorously whenever they hear unfamiliar songs, usually from intruding finches. In the lab, Abe and colleague Dai Watanabe of the Japan Science and Technology Agency in Saitama exploited these reactions to gauge whether finches could notice "ungrammatical" songs

Constance Scharff, who works on birdsong at the Free University of Berlin, Germany, says the work is important because it is often claimed that humans are the only species that uses grammar.

"It's an ingenious experiment showing that birds are sensitive to changes in song that are consistent with different grammars," she says. "More and more, we are seeing similarities between humans and animals, and that makes some people uneasy."

Read the rest of this article here:

Unfortunately towards the end of the article some birds were subjected to an experiment whereby their anterior nidopallium, the area of the brain in some birds thought to register faulty grammar, was chemically destroyed. Sad that after such a momentous discovery of finding another species capable of grammar researchers see fit to treat these intelligent creatures in such an inhumane way. After reading this I was hesitant to include the above information here. However as this research supports the mounting evidence that animals are intelligent, and in the case of these birds have evolved a form of grammar, I decided to include it along with my condemnation concerning animal experiments. The fact that these birds have such remarkable capabilities was surely enough without the need to practice cruel experiments to find out the whys and wherefores.

More information about the same study from Scientific American



Rabbit rehoming

Meet our adopted rabbit Patch.

After loosing Joey in September of last year Sooty his companion seemed so lonely and for this reason we decided to adopt another bunny and also it is good to be able to do something to help an unwanted animal.

In such circumstances you really do not know if you are doing the right thing however as we cannot speak rabbit you have to make some decision and take a leap in the dark. Sooty has been alone most of her life and as an elderly bunny it is just so sad that after only five months of companionship with Joey she is now once again all alone. People often say that many rabbits who loose a partner grieve, they stop eating, become depressed and some even die. Outwardly none of this appeared to happen with Sooty, though she sat for a day on Joey's grave and continues to do so now and again.  Joey and Sooty had a perfect companionship sitting side by side, grooming one another, never fighting , no fur pulling or any other aggression. Occasionally they appeared indifferent to each other and who knows perhaps this was the result of some rabbit squabble of which we were oblivious. They bonded so easily it looked like love at first sight; they bonded in less than twenty-four hours which I am told is really good going as bonding can take weeks, even months.

So early in November we contacted the RSPCA rehoming service and a Dutch rabbit, whom we named Patch, was bought round to meet Sooty. Nothing of anything momentous happened when they were first introduced. Sooty chased Patch a bit and tried to mount him once and that was that. Thereafter she ran away from him. At the time there was no serious confrontations so we decided to keep Patch after all rabbit bonding is usually a long process, we were lucky the first time.

Sadly though things did not turn out too well, Patch seemed to want to be the dominate rabbit and would take a chuck of fur from Sooty's backside. Many people seem to take this for granted but I find it alarming. At one time when trying to bond them in the more confined space in the kitchen Patch groomed sooty than pulled more fur out. A couple of days later in what looked like a great leap forward Sooty groomed Patch for a long time than when her back was turned he again pulled out a large chuck of fur. Throughout the week of attempted bonding for the most part Sooty ran away from Patch. There was the occasional nose sniffing but in the main she avoided him. So for now enough is enough and we have separated them. Hopefully in time they may bond. But for the meantime I am not happy to allow Patch a take chucks of fur from Sooty. I think you have to be very careful not to allow well-intentioned bonding sessions to deteriorate into what could well be considered as animal abuse.

I have read some shocking stories on the internet of forced bonding when owners are in my opinion overly persistent and try again and again even though the rabbits sustain injuries that draw blood. One example was a woman putting two rabbits in a  bowl in the bath where neither could escape the aggression of the other with both rabbis often sustaining bites that drew blood.  This person tried this method  several times with no success and tried other bonding methods in less confined spaces with both the rabbits showing serious aggression.  Time to stop I would think before such over overzealous bonding sessions however well intentioned become animal abuse. Some people even advise putting rabbits side by side in a carrier in a car. This method assumes both rabbits are frightened of the car ride, which some rabbits are, and as a consequence of their shared fear they will cuddle up side by side and bond. However fear often produces aggression, so again I  find this method extreme.

Rabbits are like people they do not get along with every member of their species and when there is little to choose from being constantly confronted with the rabbit you cannot stand the sight of is stressful to say the least. Try and imagine that you are being forced into a friendship with a person you do not like or even hate or fear and somehow you have to spend the whole of your life in a confined space with this person. Well the same goes for bunnies I would think. 

We have not given in yet and consider a very very slow approach is far better and in the meantime the rabbits are kept separate. If they do not bond or at least stop the aggressive behaviour they will have to be kept separate.

Yes the RSPCA will take back any rabbit they have re-homed but Patch's case is somewhat different and we hesitate to return him.

He is a six year old rabbit who has like Sooty lost his bonded partner. Sadly  Patch and his partner were been kept in a tiny cage, sitting in inches of their own droppings for a long time, they and other rabbits were taken away from their owner. I do not fully understand all the details but Patch ended up in some home rescue situation were he did not have the space of freedom he has here, also he is getting on in years as sadly people want young rabbits. He does love it here free to roam the garden,  he loves exploring the shed and he gets to come inside at night or when the weather is awful and stay in the warmth.

So we have decided to keep him.

Yes it is a bit of a nightmare keeping both rabbits separate and as the saying goes we do not know if we are coming or going. I had had mixed thoughts on the matter but when the re-homer brought Patch back after we had sent him back not fully understanding the situation I knew we had made the right decision to keep him. The situation with the home rescue person is even worse than I had imagined and I hope the RSPCA do something about it soon.

As for Patch, as soon as he was freed in the garden you could tell he was glad to be back. It will be difficult but it is a matter of getting into a routine. In the spring it might be easier to bond them. We have a large allotment from which the rabbits cannot get out but can run around freely, as this is neutral territory we can take them there for a couple of hours now and again and hope they learn to at least live together without fighting.

There is another reason we decided to keep Patch. Sadly right now there is a desperate need to find homes for abandoned rabbits. Rabbits so often get abandoned as soon as the novelty wears off and also right now due to the financial fiasco and the resulting austerity for some of us, people are abandoning their pets.

So good loving homes desperately needed for rabbits and other pets of course.

So if you can offer an animal a good home please contact the RSPCA for details of how you can give a home to an unwanted animal:

Rabbits are social animals so if it best to adopt two.


Please visit my blog:

Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox
A blog in support of animal and human rights and the environment


Stop the Canadian Seal Hunt

Well it's that time of year again. Just when I thought the Canadian government were going to abandon the seal hunt I receive an e-mail asking me to sign a petition to get the Canadian government to ban their annual seal slaughter. It is tragic  and so sad of course for the poor animals who will be shot, have their skulls bashed in or even skinned alive. It is pathetic that the Canadian government continue with this senseless slaughter as there is no market for the pelts as the US, the European Union, Taiwan, Mexico and Russia have now all banned seal-fur imports.

Please take action by writing to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and demand that he bring the massacre to an immediate end.

There is a template, please edit and personalise if you can, but if for some reason you are not able to do so than do send it as it is. Please be polite. I know how much you may want to tell him in no uncertain terms what you think about this shocking cruelty, but abusive letters are unlikely to be read.

Only your name and e-mail is required to send  your request to the Canadian Prime Minister


Thousands of baby seals need us – they have no way of defending themselves. It's up to us, right now, to do all we can


Badger Cull and Democracy

"The culling of badgers is absolutely obscene"

TV wildlife presenter and Viva! patron Wendy Turner-Webster

"Just for the sake of making more money out of what some of us eat (not me) ... these people wanted to exterminate a whole population of innocent wild animals who have as much right to live in this land as we humans do."

Brian May


If you read no further please at least take the actions included on the following websites to stop the cull

A form letter to  Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for Defra, for more affect  you may personalise and edit. Please be polite, although I can well understand the urge to tell him what you think in no uncertain terms, aggressive and abusive comments are rarely read let alone considered.

Here there is a petition for you to sign

More actions at the end of this entry

Thursday October 25th 2012 the government were defected by a majority vote of 119  to ban the badger cull:

MPs  voted the following motion

That this House notes the e-petition on the planned badger cull, which has gathered more than 150,000 signatures; and calls on the Government to stop the cull and implement the more sustainable and humane solution of both a vaccination programme for badgers and cattle, along with improved testing and biosecurity.

That's right an overwhelming vote of 147 votes to 28, against the cull.

View the debate and read a transcript: :

Very disturbing the MP who advocated the eradication of badgers.

However it was just wonderful that the vote was so huge from all parties in favour of banning this cruel cull, a vile abuse of another species.

However in defiance of the will of the majority at the end of the debate DEFRA minister David Heath reiterated the government's stance and confirmed that it intends for the culls to proceed in summer 2013.

Shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh tries to ask minister David Heath if "ministers will respect the democratic will of this parliament?" He is not obliged to answer.

The speaker, John Bercow, tells MPs that the vote by MPs to abandon the badger cull is not binding on the government. Only legislation is binding he says.

Extract from Guardian commentary MPs inflict badger cull defeat on government - as it happened:

Surely if the government was defeated and by a huge majority the cull should be stopped. Isn't that what democracy is about. What is the point of a debate if the government than goes on to ignore the results?

If the government go ahead with the cull this summer in total disregard for the democratic process it will be a sad day not only for the unfortunate badgers but for democracy.  It is a tragedy when power supersedes the will of the people and the tiny minority do whatsoever they please,  when might triumphs over right.

Isaac Bashevis Singer once wrote

As often as Herman had witnessed the slaughter of animals and fish, he always had the same thought: in their behaviour toward creatures, all men were Nazis. The smugness with which man could do with other species as he pleased exemplified the most extreme racist theories, the principle that might is right.

Extract from Enemies, a Love Story

Unless we take action the government will do as it pleases, at least the small minority of the government whom it appears have all the power and override not only the will of the people but the will of parliament, ignoring even their own back benchers. One has to ask what is the point of parliament if the tiny minority do as they please regardless of such an overwhelming majority. I admit to not understanding the intricacies of our political system but common sense tells us that if the government are defeated in a debate upon a matter which the majority of citizens support it is not democratic to than ignore that outcome.

Badger culling is an ethical Issue

The German philosopher Schopenhauer once wrote

The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.

Regardless of the science the mass killing of our wildlife is an ethical issue.

At the end of the day the whole system of live stock farming needs to be eradicated. Sadly in these days of rampant greed and exploitation of both human and non humans little is ever said about the basic ethics of an issue such as this. We have to ask ourselves  do we have the right to systematically slaughter another species simply because they are considered an hindrance. Is it right that we massacre mercilessly a whole society of sentient creatures in order to exploit other self aware animals namely cattle for our own needs or rather our greed. Need does not enter the equation for the reality of the matter is we exploit cattle and other animals for a food we do not need  and is not natural and which results in the deaths of other human beings as land is given over to grow feed for farm animals rather than directly feed humans.

Even if your view of animal rights is not as "radical" as mine and I doubt that all 160,000 people who signed the petition are vegetarian or vegan we all know that this cull is an atrocity against another species and must be stopped. The vast majority of British people value our wildlife and consider the culling of badgers as a disgusting form of barbarism.

Ghandi once said:
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.

I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.
Mohandas Gandhi is revered the world wide for his advocacy of nonviolence and justice. Gandhi's philosophy and compassion extended to all people and actively included animals.

What does this say about the morality of our nation or rather the morality of our government as the majority of the people of this nation is clear on this issue and want the cull banned.

We have to keep up the pressure we have only a short time to stop this atrocity.

We must not become complacent, we must continue the campaign to get this stopped.

HSI/UK and their partners in Team Badger, will be working  hard to ensure that the planned culls are abandoned once and for all. Keep an eye on developments

More information and actions to take:

Brian May video

...the fate of badgers and foxes are intertwined. The perpetrators of fox and badger persecution are the same and their modus operandi clear. The motivation is the same too, straight forward pleasure from cruelly taking life.

Read More:

Lord Krebs, who is one of the government's most respected scientific advisers, said that the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), which is administering the scheme, has no way of knowing how many badgers there are in the area, so will not know when they've killed 70% of the badgers in the area.

"I would go down the vaccination and biosecurity route rather than this crazy scheme that may deliver very small advantage, may deliver none. And it's very hard to see how Defra are going to collect the crucial data to assess whether it's worth going ahead with free shooting at all,"

Read more:

In the above article David Heath Defra Minister says:

"Our priority has always been to ensure that any culling of badgers is carried out in a safe, humane and effective way"

I would like to ask Mr Health what is humane about death? Particularly a death that is not necessary Every creature has a right to his or her life. What right have the government or anyone else to deny these animals their right to life? Certainly no ethical right that's for sure, but the government are not really concerned with the ethics of this or any other matter are they.

Why not write to  David Heath and state your objections to the cull.
Minister of State for Agriculture and Food


House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Tel: 020 7219 6245
Fax: 020 7219 5939


17 Bath Street, Frome, BA11 1DN
Tel: 01373 473618
Fax: 01373 455152

As one commentator said in the above Guardian Article:

No need to eat cows. No need to eat dairy products. No need to slaughter badgers.

Yes it is as simple as that

Introductory Quotations from

Celebrity quotes

The above entry was first published in my blog:


Misao and Fukumaru: The  Heart Warming Bond Between a Grandmother and her Cat

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
Anatole France


There is just so much heartbreaking suffering inflicted upon nonhuman animals by humans that at times it can feel just so overwhelming that one can so easily forget there are people who love animals and the relationship between a human and a nonhuman animal can be just so deep, a real bond of companionship.

Such is the case of Misao, an 88 year old Japanese grandmother who found the odd eyed cat abandoned in a shed on her land. Since than the pair have barely been apart.

Misao named her new companion Fukumaru, the word for good fortune in Japanese. Fukumaru suffers from Heterochromia iridum, more commonly known as ‘odd-eyed’: the cat has one iris that is orange while the other is blue.

Click the link below to view the photograph series of the beautiful nine year friendship between a grandmother and her odd eyed white cat.

More Photos from Miyoko Ihara's own website



A Memorial to Sooty and Other Related Matters

Sadly Sooty our much loved Netherlands Dwarf companion rabbit died April 24th 2013, she was nine years old. Before Sooty came to live with my husband son and I, she had previously lived with a neighbour of ours who was unable to look after her. Until she found a home with us she spent much of her life alone in a tiny hutch.

Read Sooty's Memorial webpage

Unfortunately so many rabbits live lives of neglect abandoned at the bottom of someone's garden when the novelty has worn off. Mostly people do not intend to be cruel or neglectful and simply are ignorant of the requirements of a rabbit.

Rabbits are social animals and need the company of other rabbits and also lots of attention from those who care for them. They require annul vaccinations against  Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD).  There are many illnesses from which rabbits suffer and if whoever looks after the rabbit is ignorant of signs and symptoms of these conditions their rabbit or rabbits are likely to suffer a lingering and very painful death. Dental problems are very common in rabbits when their teeth continue to grow as a result of poor diet or simply as a result of a genetic tendency for their teeth to grow at an awkward angle. Left untreated the poor rabbit will suffer ulcers and agonising pain as the teeth grow through the cheeks or tongue which of course prevents eating. A miserable and painful death which I am sure that most people would not wish any sentient thinking feeling creature to suffer under any circumstances.

Rabbits are not suitable companion animals for children, in fact to my way of thinking no child under the age or sixteen should have sole unsupervised responsibility for any animal.

The following are links to websites that offer advice concerning the care of rabbits.

If you can offer a rabbit a home please avoid going to a pet shop. There are thousands of neglected rabbits who need a home. To adopt a rabbit - and any other animal- click the link below.

It is best to adopt a bonded pair or try and find a rabbit companion for your lone bunny. Though not all rabbits get along with each other so you will need to supervise bonding as rabbits can fight and harm each other if left alone. You cannot simply put two unbonded rabbits together. The RSPCA rabbit rehoming scheme will help with rabbit bonding.

Help and advise for caring for house rabbits

Rabbit Dental problems

Conservation Emergency: Save the Sumatran Rainforest

When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
Cree prophecy


We need to act fast to save the Sumatran rainforest and the species that depends on this habitat for their survival.

Please art now to prevent the destruction of 1. 2 million hectares of some of the most bio diverse rainforest in the world, replacing them with gold mines, oil palm plantations, logging, and roads.

It is more  shocking then you can imagine as a local Sumatran Governor "...wants to let mining and palm oil companies move in to decimate areas the size of a million football fields!"

Astounding as this may seem in our more environmentally aware society the national Forestry Ministry of Sumatra may allow this to happen.

The forests under threat  are the only place on Earth where orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos co-exist - and all are critically endangered. If these plans go ahead it is predicted that in ten to twenty years these species will be extinct.

Before reading further please sign the petition below and pass on by social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, websites, forums and so on. Include on your blog as I have done here.

Click the link below for more information and to see a map of how the proposal will effect the area

The greed of the few will destroy the many.  The only way to save this pristine forest is if we act now. Please sign the petition 


Britain's Rabbits Need You

Please take action to bring an end to neglect and abuse of the UK's third most popular pet.

I prefer the term companion animals rather than pet however such preferences notwithstanding rabbits desperately need your help. Radical changes are needed to ensure their welfare.

Please sign a petition to urge the UK government to introduce a code of practice for the welfare of domestic rabbits. One hundred thousand signatures are needed.

The above website includes a link to the UK government's petition and also a   petition to Scottish parliament on behalf of Rabbit's Require Rights (Scotland)

Please sign and widely share both petitions on Twitter, Facebook, forums websites and blogs.

Also posters like the one above to download  and print and display or add to your blog or website.

Rabbits are sensitive and intelligent creatures, it is time they were treated with respect and accorded the same protections as cats and dogs. Like you or I and all animals rabbits suffer pain, stress, and depression. Sadly the usual outcome for many rabbits is abandonment at the bottom of someone's garden after the novelty has worm off, consigned for a life time to live alone in a cramped hutch suffering from untreated conditions, often dying in pain that could be prevented. 

As bizarre as it may seem to those of us who care for animals, all animals, many  people consider that rabbits do not need veterinary care and many rabbits end up dying in pain and living miserable wretched lives. A neighbour of mine actually said you don't take rabbits to the vet. Why Not! Are they immune to disease, pain and death? Of course not they are mammals just like a cat or a dog, just like you in fact. The fact is rabbits have delicate health and complex care needs. They say that ignorance is bliss but for rabbits the ignorance of owners concerning the needs of their pet is anything but bliss for the unfortunate rabbit.

As a nation of so called animal lover's the way many people treat their rabbits is shocking. Really ignorance is no excuse these days with information so readily available.

As for deliberate abuse this is never acceptable behaviour towards any animals and people need to be taken to account and punished for abusing a rabbit as they do for a cat or dog.

It is time for the government to tighten up on rabbit welfare and provide better protection for rabbits.

Please now click the link below and sign the petitions if you have not done so.


Imagine a World Without Elephants

“But perhaps the most important lesson I learned is that there are no walls between humans and the elephants except those that we put up ourselves, and that until we allow not only elephants, but all living creatures their place in the sun, we can never be whole ourselves.” 
Lawrence Anthony, The Elephant Whisperer

Every fifteen minutes a poacher kills an elephant. Unless something is done to stop poaching, elephants could become extinct within twelve years!

Read More:

The Bloody Trade in Ivory
The largest land mammal on earth, the African elephant, faces constant threat from poachers whose greed has decimated elephant populations despite attempts to control the trade in Ivory. It is shocking when any animal is killed simply as a result of greed and exploitation. Though among the seemingly infinite cases of animal exploitation and cruelty there can be few more shocking examples of man's barbarity than the killing of elephants for their tusks. Elephants are amazing creatures who are highly intelligent, rather like us they form strong emotional family bonds, they mourn their dead and may even mourn humans with whom they have had a close association. One such remarkable case is the story of two herds of South African rogue elephants who travelled for twelve hours through the Zululand bush to attend the funeral of conservationist and author Lawrence Anthony who saved their lives. Just a few years previously these once violent elephants who were considered as pests and destined to be shot were rescued and rehabilitated by Anthony who was known as the "elephant whisperer".

“A good man died suddenly , “and from miles and miles away, two herds of elephants, sensing that they had lost a beloved human friend, moved in a solemn, almost ‘funereal’ procession to make a call on the bereaved family at the deceased man’s home.” “If there ever were a time, when we can truly sense the wondrous ‘interconnectedness of all beings,’ it is when we reflect on the elephants of Thula Thula. A man’s heart’s stops, and hundreds of elephants’ hearts are grieving. This man’s oh-so-abundantly loving heart offered healing to these elephants, and now, they came to pay loving homage to their friend.”
Rabbi Leila Gal Berner, Ph.D.
Read more about Antony and these amazing animals:

Even more astonishing then their grief for their rescuer was the fact that they knew Antony was dead. How did they know he had died?

See also the story in the Daily Mail:

And The elephant whisperer: Part 2- the elephants come to tea

As you see by this one example alone and there are many others elephants are amazing creatures, intelligent, self aware, aware of others not only of their own species but other species also. Researchers writing about elephants speak freely of their loyalty, patience, devotion, courage, and cleverness, as well as their wrath:

Even if these creatures were not possessed of such faculties their lives are important to them, all creatures wish to live. Intelligence, size, whether or not they interact with man or whatever criteria we humans place on animals which elevate their worth are irrelevant. Regardless of such qualities or lack thereof every animal which draws breath has a right to life, and furthermore a life free from abuse and exploitation by humans.

Time for an outright ban of the trade in Ivory
In just one decade as a result of poaching the elephant population in African was reduced to just 600,000 from a population of an estimated £1.3 million in 1979. Today the evil trade continues with shocking news such as the seizure last year of thousands of ivory tusks in Hong Kong and Malaysia:

Statistics of the death toll vary but are always shockingly high. According to the Wildlife Conservation society in 2012 poachers killed 35,000 African elephants for their tusks:

Africa’s savannahs and forests have been turned into graveyards as contrary to what many people believe the bloody ivory trade continues .

Elephants are still being killed in their thousands for no other reason than for their tusks in the continuation of the bloody trade in Ivory. Thousands of elephants die as tons and tons of Illegal ivory, including the 24 tonne Malaysian consignment mentioned above,  is still being smuggled out of Africa.

Action you can take to save elephants
The greatest threats facing elephants today are poaching, conflict with humans, and habitat loss and degradation. Elephants across Africa and Asia are being poached for their ivory at increasing levels.

Read more and take action

The World Wildlife Fund Be sure to click the How You Can Help Button.

Sign a Petition to stop the bloody ivory trade

Please take the Wildlife Conservation Society's suggested action to "Tell your members of Congress to support conservation programs that elephants depend on... before it's too late" if you have not already done so

Read more about SOS Elephants:

World Elephant Day August 12th was world elephant day. I didn't know this until it was passed. More promotion for such is necessary if these events are to be effective. Having said this there are many suggestions for actions you can take that are of course helpful at any time and lots of useful information so please check out the link below:

Links to more information
Scientists claim that elephants' understanding of the need to co-operate shows that they belong in an "elite group" of intelligent, socially complex animals.
Read More:

Hillary Clinton Joins Fight Against Elephant Poaching 30,000 elephants were killed illegally last year, with their tusks selling for as much as $1000 a pound.
Read More:

The above entry first appeared in my animal and human rights and the environment  blog Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox. It is the most recent animal rights entry.

To go directly to animal rights issues that do not already appear on this website please click the links that follow.

However it has to be considered that all of these issues are interconnected. What happens to the environment effects animals of course and human rights is an issue that obviously effects us all and is related to how we treat the other beings with whom we share this world.

Credit: Photo Flickr user Benh LIEU SONG : Elephants Herd Amboseli Under a creative commons License:


Please visit my blog:

Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox
A blog in support of animal and human rights and the environment


Urgent Action Needed to Protect a Stag Named Red

“There will be no justice as long as man will stand with a knife or with a gun and destroy those who are weaker than he is.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer

Hunting is to my mind one of the most abhorrent forms of animal abuse, the whole idea sickens me.

Here in the UK it is the open season on deer.
Autumn is stag hunting season. You cannot image it can you that the law allows for such vile brutality towards another sentient being whose life means as much to him as your does to you. A creature who like all other animals feels pain because he has a brain and a nervous system and also like all creatures he wants to survive, he wants to live. He is an intelligent animal who shares this world with us, he is one of the many myriad species subjected to man’s abuses.

Please help with a campaign to save a stag called Red who is in grave danger.

Red is a stag who is in eminent danger of being shot. The League Against Cruel Sports are trying to protect him from a local hunt.

Please read more from the League Against Cruel Sports about this situation which requires urgent action  :

“At the peak of the autumn stag hunting season, the League has grave concerns for the future of ‘Red’, one of the nine estimated adult red deer stags left on the Quantock Hills, fearing that he could be the next victim of the local Quantock Staghounds hunt after hunt supporters were heard saying that if they couldn’t find a stag to hunt on the hills, they would come after him."

Red is currently residing on League owned sanctuary land, but will be in immediate danger as and when he leaves this area. There is a stag hunt local to him who already know where he is, and who would like to claim him as a kill for the season.”

Please continue reading:

Please read carefully the information in the following links and take the required action to help protect red. – please speak up for red and spread the word using your Facebook and Twitter accounts and remember . #ProtectRed is the twitter hashtag

Please take the above actions to stop these sadistic monsters from killing this animal.

It is time that all cruel sports were banned. Until such time we need to do all we can to protect vulnerable animals and increase public awareness of the atrocities that take place in our countryside where helpless animals can be shot and killed on a whim.


What do Dogs think of humans - A scientist finds out

Through the painstaking process of teaching dogs to sit perfectly still to undergo MRI scans it has been discovered that there are remarkable similarities between the brains of dogs and humans both in the structure and function of a region of the brain called the caudate nucleus. In humans this area of the brain has a key role in our anticipation of pleasures such as food.

"FOR the past two years, my colleagues and I have been training dogs to go in an M.R.I. scanner — completely awake and unrestrained. Our goal has been to determine how dogs’ brains work and, even more important, what they think of us humans.

Now, after training and scanning a dozen dogs, my one inescapable conclusion is this: dogs are people, too."

"The prospect of ferreting out animal emotions scares many scientists. After all, animal research is big business. It has been easy to sidestep the difficult questions about animal sentience and emotions because they have been unanswerable.

Until now."

Read more of this article

‘Dogs Are People, Too’ Says leading scientist

The ability of dogs to experience positive emotions means that these animals have a level of sentience much like that of a child. I think though most loving people with a dog as a companion animal know this about their dog only too well but it is interesting to have scientific confirmation nonetheless which will go a long way towards rethinking how we treat dogs or how dogs should be treated. The ideal outcome would be that dogs - and other animals- would be given the status of personhood.

"Dogs, and probably many other animals (especially our closest primate relatives), seem to have emotions just like us. And this means we must reconsider their treatment as property."

"If we went a step further and granted dogs rights of personhood, they would be afforded additional protection against exploitation. Puppy mills, laboratory dogs and dog racing would be banned for violating the basic right of self-determination of a person."

In my opinion all animals regardless of degree of sentience or level of intelligence should be treated as one would treat a fellow human being.


Four Poachers Jailed for 15 years for poisoning 300 elephants with cyanide

The elephant is a friend to man More than the dog, it’s constant. And now indeed our turn has come to be the Friend of the elephant.”
From the song, Friends of the Elephant, composed by Paul Hippeau, for the Society of the Friends of the Elephant at their 1906 banquet.

Four poachers have been jailed for at least 15 years each for the crime of poisoning with cyanide over 300 elephants and other animals in Zimbabwe's largest game park. These animals include lions, vultures, painted dogs , buffalos, antelopes and hyenas. It is unlikely that even a 15 year prison sentence will deter other poachers from carrying out a similar horrendous and callous atrocity and elephants continue to be under serious threat of extinction. This is an urgent situation and drastic action is needed.

“The affection shown by a mother elephant to her calf does not cease when she gives birth to another. Often a family unit of two or three siblings is created, the calves playing together and the older ones looking after the baby.”
Elephants, the Vanishing Giants


"More than 300 elephants and other animals have died of cyanide poisoning by poachers in Zimbabwe’s largest game park, a wildlife conservation group said Monday.

Johnny Rodrigues, chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force told AFP."

"The authorities only stepped in in September and by then the numbers had escalated. As at last week, about 325 had died altogether.".

"Rodrigues accused the authorities of downplaying the toll, adding that poaching masterminds often got off scot-free.

"The problem is that a big cover-up is going on," he said.

"Those who have been arrested and convicted are the small fry who are being used as scapegoats while the big and dangerous fish are untouched. These include politicians and big business people,"

Read the full Story:

More details about this shocking crime can be found by clicking the link below. Warning disturbing images and video.

If poaching is not stopped elephants could become extinct in twelve years.

“The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?”
David Attenborough

I think most decent caring people are horrified about what is happening to elephants and the strong possibility that poaching could bring about the extinction of this animal. The atrocity above is appalling to say the least if not outright depressing and one begins to wonder if there are any caring people left in this world who do not exploit animals for their own ends. This is one of the most callous and shocking poaching incidents imaginable, the cruel and horrific murder of these animals who died in agony is an outrage.

It must stop now.

The trade in ivory must cease before it is too late. The population of the African Elephant was estimated to be around 10 Million in 1900, today there are approximately
550, 000 African elephants left in the world, half as many as 1979, between 1979 and 1989 about 50% of the world's elephant population was shot or poached because of the high demand for ivory.

These wonderful, intelligent and caring animals are being brutally slaughtered and their calves orphaned and left to die because their tusks are so highly valued. An estimated 38,000 Elephants are killed each year. The country most responsible for 40 per cent of the world's trade in Elephant tusks is China, one of the main markets for Zimbabwean ivory.

Click the links below for more information and action you can take to bring an end to the sickening ivory trade.

Note: The Asian elephant is also a target for the heinous trade in ivory, there are now less than 50,000 Asian elephants left in the world.




Rescuers Struggle for Hours to Save Elephant

In contrast to the previous entry here is a positive story that shows that there are people who care about elephants:

With all the shocking and horrific rise of elephant and also Rhino poaching  it's refreshingly heart-warming to read about people who struggled for hours in the hot African sun to rescue an elephant.

"Images of an elephant being rescued from a potentially fatal set of circumstances in Damaraland on Sunday 17 February have captured the hearts and minds of Namibians and animal lovers the world over.

"A few brave souls struggled for hours under the searing African sun to rescue an adult female elephant trapped for more than 11 hours in a drain at a campsite in the vicinity of the Burnt Mountain."

“It was clear that she realised we were helping her,” said Archie van der Merwe, one of her rescuers, after the time. The elephant remained calm for most of her ordeal, patiently going along with the game plan devised to release her from her predicament.

"On inspection, it emerged that she had stepped onto a drain cover, which had broken under her weight. Her body was stuck solidly in the 1.6-metre hole and she could barely move. By that time she had already been trapped for seven hours."

Their plan was to gradually fill the pit with sand and stones, 20 centimetres at a time, to enable the elephant to manoeuvre herself step by step onto higher ground.

And so they continued patiently under the blazing son for the next three hours, the distressed elephant only centimetres away from them. Eventually, when she was standing about 70 centimetres deep, she was able to heave her tired body completely out of the drain that had become her living hell.

The above are excerpts from Elephant Rescue in Namibia By Jana-Mari Smith

Please read the full story with more photographs:


A Story of Courage and Hope

I never ceased to be shocked by the cruelty of some human beings towards non human Animals. The story below is just so heartbreaking and I have to wonder about the mentality of whoever harmed this poor little dog by either setting fire to his fur or throwing acid at him. The pain this poor little animal suffered is unimaginable, the thought of which is too dreadful to contemplate, yet this lovely little dog was so courageous and despite his suffering is one of the sweetest little creatures you could imagine. He has found a new home with people who care for him . Click the link below and watch the video: Firefly - Tails of Hope

While this may break your heart it has a happy ending

"The Lange Foundation rescued Firefly who had burns over eighty percent of her body. Within three months, her burns had miraculously healed but leaving her permanently scarred. When Jeff adopted Firefly he was getting over the loss of his three dogs. Together, they are mending each other's hearts. Lange Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving homeless and abandoned pets, and preparing them for a journey to a new, safe, loving world."
For more information contact

If you 're looking to care for a dog or any other animal please obtain one from a rescue such as the one above in the USA.


"Millions of unwanted pets are euthanized every year, but if more people adopted pets from local shelters rather than purchasing them from pet stores, that number would drop significantly.

Animal Haven, a pet shelter in New York, is doing everything it can to save the lives of unwanted animals. They bring love and care to these abandoned animals and give them a new life and a second chance at happiness."

They have just released a video about animal adoption.

Here in the UK the RSPCA have many animals who need good and loving homes either after cruel treatment or abandonment.

And please do not forget about small furies such as rabbits and guinea pigs who are often more neglected than cats or dogs. The RSPCA arrange adoptions for rabbits and guinea pigs. Enter your post code and the type of pet in the search field for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and others - this will bring up guinea pigs, ferrets, mice,  parrots and more.


In the USA

Heartland Rabbit Rescue

Guinea Pig Rescue Directory: USA, Canada, UK, Australia

These are just a few examples, there are many sanctuaries and rehoming organisations world-wide. Please seriously consider offering a neglected unwanted and abused animal a home.


Frog Saves Rat From Drowning

Frog saves rat from drowning as tiny creature hitches a ride across a pond

"The frog appeared at the rat’s side as he clung to some debris in the middle of a small pond on the outskirts of north Indian city Lucknow
Photographer Azam Husain"

Click the link below for more information and to see further photographs:

This is an amazing set of photographs of a frog rescuing a mouse from drowning, it is a fine example of altruism in animals  - For more information about altruism on this website see the section:  Animal Sentience Stories: Altruism

Surely none could doubt that these creatures are sentient beings. Establishing the fact that animals are sentient creatures should help to shape how they 're treated by human beings and these photographs I think you will agree go a long way towards confirming that animals are sentient intelligent creatures who should be treated with the  respect that they deserve and not exploited and treated as property or in any way abused to satisfy human beings.

More about this story from the Daily Mirror:

"Unable to swim, the frog offered a helping hand allowing the rat to board his back before he swam to the safety of the shoreline."

Azam said: "I had parked my scooter on the shore near the pond. I noticed something floating and soon realised it was the rat holding onto some piece of debris.

"It was as if the two creatures were talking in their own way. The next moment, the rat managed to climb onto the back of the frog. 



Live Animals Kept Inside Keyrings.

 “For hundreds of thousands of years the stew in the pot has brewed hatred and resentment that is difficult to stop. If you wish to know why there are disasters of armies and weapons in the world, listen to the piteous cries from the slaughter house at midnight.”
Ancient Chinese verse

Living animals such as fish, tiny lizards and small turtles sealed in plastic keychains are sold across China. These are considered by the Chinese as good-luck charms and have become very popular. Even though many people will buy these key rings, which to my mind are symbols of cruelty rather than talismans to bring good-luck, there will be many people  who buy them just to free these poor creature from their tiny plastic confinement.



Unbelievable cruelty: LIVE animals kept inside keyrings in China street trade "Tiny turtles, lizards and fish are kept alive in the bags by crystallyzed oxygen and nutrients, which are claimed to last for two months. But activists claim that the animals last as little as a day as their oxygen supply runs out. David Neale, animal welfare director of Animals Asia told CNN: "Lack of food and diminishing oxygen concentrations within both the water and the small amount of air in these plastic pouches will cause the animals to die in a relatively short period of time after the pouches are sealed."
Read More and Watch the Videos:

Please sign the petition to "... call on the UN to demand the Chinese government to ban the manufacture and sale of amulets and jewellery containing live animals."

There are more petitions further down for you to sign Frankly I feel sick to the stomach at the very idea. How can anyone be so cruel. I have heard of this before and this horrendous cruelty has been going on for some time. What is the matter with people, have they no sensitivity, no moral compass, no sense of right and wrong. This world will never be a good place to live while cruelty continues unopposed, while governments allow people who seemingly know no better or even worse are deliberately cruel to do exactly what they like with the other creatures who inhabit this world with us. Shame on the Chinese government for allowing this to happen. China has made some great leaps forward in technological advancements yet still continue the most appalling barbarity towards other animals. Yes all countries allow the exploitation of animals and wanton cruelty such as hunting here in the UK and most everywhere else and that has to stop also. However in China with few exceptions it seems to be possible for anyone to do whatever they like to animals no matter how cruel.

China has a particularly shocking record of animal cruelty. For example: (Warning All the links below show harrowing, sickening and shocking pictures of animal cruelty) The dog meat Trade. Organised gangs snare and catch pet dogs off the street: 

In China 50,000 dogs are slaughtered everyday for meat or fur. The following  video will break your heart if you love animals, but for one dog there is a happy end.


Dogs Killed by mob: Horrific animal cruelty that shames China: Wild mob kill dogs just for WALKING into a city

Animals skinned alive for fur:

How can people be so cruel, so lacking in compassion for the plight of other living feeling sentient beings.

The above is a small sample of the treatment of animals in china, it is shocking to the extreme yet in China there is an estimated 50 million vegetarians and Vegans who are as appalled as you and I about such dreadful treatment of animals.

There are people in China of course who oppose such cruelty and are struggling to bring about change. China has a long way to go despite some moderate progress 

In a country that pioneered the eating of shark’s fin and tiger penis, and where zoo visitors are known to amuse themselves by assaulting caged animals with everything from rocks to sulfuric acid, calls to respect the rights of animals have long fallen on deaf ears. But there are signs that attitudes are beginning to change.

Animal Rights in China – Times Are Changing

While there are some positive improvements, I have to say again China has a long way to go and indeed, though perhaps to lesser degree, so do western countries which, while not allowing such overt violence and cruelty, nonetheless allow appalling suffering to take place day after day to millions of living beings in factory farms, in laboratories and other less obvious abuses such as the wanton massacres of thousands of animals as a result of hunting.

Mahatma Gandhi acutely observed that “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” To seek to reduce the suffering of those who are completely under one’s domination, and unable to fight back, is truly a mark of a civilized society. Charting the progress of animal-welfare legislation around the world is therefore an indication of moral progress more generally. Last month, parallel developments on opposite sides of the world gave us grounds for thinking that the world may, slowly and haltingly, be becoming a little more civilized. The best hope for further progress, it seems, lies in animal welfare becoming, like human rights, an international issue that affects countries’ reputations.
Peter Singer

I hope that Mr Singer is correct in his assumption that moral progress is being made though when you consider what is happening in the world today with regards to our treatment of animals it can seem as though we take one step forwards and another step back. While the UK have liberated circuses animals the same UK government has orchestrated the massacre of thousands of badgers. Currently only endangered species are protected in China, this has to change and new legislation introduced to protect all animals from abuse. Lack of legislation makes it very difficult for good progress by Non Government Organisations such as Animals Asia and grass routes organisations to bring about any real change.
Chang Jiwen, the law professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, leading the drafting of animal welfare legislation, said, 'China has begun to be aware of the importance of animal welfare because it touches on the economy, trade, religion, and ethics ...' he added that enacting such legislation will be no easy task, 'The future is bright, but the path ahead will be tortuous.'

Action you can take

Please sign a petition to Encourage Animal Welfare Activists in China

Be a part of the change help Animals Asia by visiting their website and click the Get Involved link

Investigators infiltrate the dog and cat meat mafia in China Information and petition

While animal welfare is important, it is time animals were granted rights in the same way human beings are. Animals have the right to live their lives free from man's negative interference, exploitation and abuse.

The above entry was first published November 6th in my Word Press Blog:

Rantings From A Virtual Soapbox - A blog in support of animal and human rights and the environment. 

Here you will find more entries concerning animal rights issues and also human rights and the environment.


Rabbits Scream in Pain as Their Fur is Plucked While They Are Alive!

As a supporter of animal rights I have come across some shocking instances of cruelty but what follows turned my stomach at the very thought of the sheer cruelty involved. How the hell can any sane rational person commit such an atrocity against a living feeling sentient creature is beyond my ability to comprehend. The pain suffered by these defenceless animals is unthinkable.

Bleeding bunnies scream in pain as they are plucked alive for hats, socks, scarves and jumpers. A PETA Asia investigation into angora farms in China – the world's top producer of angora wool – has revealed shockingly cruel treatment of rabbits.
Please continue reading, watch the video and take action by clicking the link below: say no to angora wool and join the campaign against this cruel and violent industry.

Warning this film is shocking I could not watch for more than a moment or so, the screams from these poor rabbits is unbearable to hear.

How can anyone be so cruel. Rabbits are stoic creatures, as pry animals they have evolved to hide their pain, it is only when pain is extreme that a rabbit will scream. Please spread this far and wide and do not buy angora products particularly those from China. Ninety per cent of the world's angora comes from China where there are no animal welfare laws, no penalties for the abuse of animals on farms and no standards to regulate the treatment of the animals.

Similar atrocities would likely take place in any country where there are no laws to prevent such abuse and cruelty. Did you know that in seventeenth century Ireland wool was once plucked from live sheep rather than shearing. The first legislation directly against animal cruelty in the English speaking world was a bill passed in Ireland in 1635 that prohibited the unimaginable cruelty of pulling wool off sheep and attaching ploughs to horses tails. This bill was the first known animal rights law in history:

There is something deeply wrong psychologically with anyone who callously harms any animal in such an horrific way . To be so unmoved by the screams of an obviously sentient being is disturbing. The mentality shocking, the kind of mentality of the individuals who perpetrate cruelty towards their own species, such as those who ran concentration camps and those who torture people. There is no place in any ethically progressive society for people who can so readily inflict such harm. Such people need to be tightly controlled and until China introduces laws to protect animals,  sadly such inhumane behaviour will continue.

This entry was previously published on my blog:


A Selection of Cute Bunny Videos

Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!
Theophile Gautier

Concerning the previous entry Rabbits Scream in Pain as Their Fur is Plucked While They Are Alive! I have  to say it is beyond my comprehension how anyone could harm these sweet gentle creatures or any animal for that matter. I cannot get the thought of the terrible cruelty described in the previous entry or the sound of their screams from my mind even though I watched the video for only a minute or so.

Below is a small selection of videos of rabbits in much more favourable circumstances that show that not only are rabbits cute but they are sentient beings full of life, playful happy creatures who have the right to live their lives free from pain, torture, exploitation and premature death in order to provide the fickle minded with a luxury product that they do not need. In the modern world there is no need to harm any animal. Animals are harmed in the most horrific ways imaginable for profit. In the case of angora, synthetic alternatives are just as warm and even if they were not it still does not justify such exploitation and barbaric cruelty.

One of the best ways to stop cruelty and exploitation is to go vegan and do not buy any product derived from an animal.

Watch a bunny eating in slow motion - so cute

Rabbit Eating in Slow Motion


Baby Bunnies Eating A Carrot


Rupert knows how to manipulate me....



Bunnies Playing


Just a few of many similar videos of rabbits you can find on You Tube and elsewhere.


Please Help Rabbits Tortured for Angora

“If it says 'Angora,' remember the gentle rabbits whose fur was cruelly ripped out of their skin – and leave the item on the rack.”
 Mimi Bekhechi PETA UK Associate Director

If you have not done so already, before continuing please read the blog entry: Rabbits Scream in Pain as Their Fur is Plucked While They Are Alive!

Rabbits Scream in Pain as Their Fur is Plucked While They Are Alive!

Watch the video if you can but please be warned it is very distressing. This is by far the most shocking video I have ever seen of animal cruelty, this atrocity has to stop now.

PETA ask you to refuse to buy angora and to ask family and friends to do the same.

There is more action we can take to stop this atrocity.

Action You Can Take

I hope in time PETA will organise further action such petitions and letter writing campaigns.

In the mean time

Please Write to Retailers

Please write and ask retailers to stop selling angora products made in China.

Please be polite, the store you are contacting may not be aware of the treatment of rabbits in Chinese farms.

More information and retailers on contact details:

List of retailers that sell angora - contact details list updated December 14th


Zirafa - Reblog from Walking with Alligators



"Willow, a one day old baby Giraffe with its mother.
Picture credit: Ralph Daily

I had no intention of writing today, but coming upon this story and the petition that accompanied it, changed that in a heartbeat.

For as long as I can remember, the Giraffe has been the object of my affection and admiration.

There is something so regal, so fragile, so graceful, so endearing about them, how could you not love them."

Read more… 290 more words

Please read the above carefully and sign the petition

This is just so shocking, is there no end to the atrocities inflicted on the other creatures with whom we share this world. I am horrified , as most decent people world-wide will be to learn about this the latest in the never ending abuse of animals. I hope that everyone who cares about animals will sign this petition and write to the African government officials concerned. Giraffes must be protected from people who sadly have no sense of right and wrong, have no moral code and do not care for animals who have as much right to live as we do. What is wrong with people like this who derive pleasure from shooting such a gentle and beautiful creature or indeed any creature. There has to be something seriously wrong with their mentality. I wonder what a psychological assessment would reveal. The thought that people get some sick pleasure from this appalls me in the extreme. To add further to the shock factor is the photograph included with the petition which shows a little girl among the hunters proudly displaying their heinous deed. Sad that such corruption of a child’s ethical values is allowed encouraged and condoned. Our world is a sad place of increasing abuse meted out to defenceless animals. With a fee of $3,800 to go and shoot giraffes, once again it is all about money for which it seems people are willing to allow the most horrendous of deeds.

Please help to Stop Trophy Hunting Giraffes

Please everyone at least sign the petition included in the blog entry above  but if you can please also write to the addresses included with the petition.

Here again is the photo included in the petition.

Giraffe hunting

I have just noticed in the background two older children. The whole things looks like some bizarrely sick family trip out. Shocking, just appalling there are just no words adequate to describe how awful,  how disgusting and unethical this is on just of many levels.


Please sign the following petition toTell Ralph Lauren to Stop Using Angora Fur From Tortured Rabbits:

Over 90% of the world gets its angora fur from rabbits farmed in China, where there are no standards to regulate the treatment of animals, and no penalties for animal abuse on rabbit farms.

Recently, PETA investigated 9 angora fur farms, and released bone-chilling footage of workers violently ripping rabbit fur from the animals bodies as they scream in pain-

Please read more and sign the petition:

For more details and further action you can take click to see a previous entry:
Please Help Rabbits Tortured for Angora