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Spring Lambs 2013




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Spring Lambs 2013

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This year here in the UK the weather has been severe with continuing bitter cold days with frost and snow on the uplands right into April. Many thousands of tiny lambs have died as a result of the severity of the cold, left out in the adverse weather these delicate creatures simply could not cope with the extreme temperatures. In Wales for example sheep were dying by their hundreds in snow 20 feet deep.

Why can't these lambs and their mothers be housed in barns during such shocking weather, after all it is not that farmers did not get adequate weather warnings, as the article say this is an animal welfare issue. While I accept that many farmers have fought to save their sheep, farmers should have barns for lambing, particularly as these cold springs seem to be a growing trend here in the UK. Unfortunately it appears that small scale farmers may not have barns.

Please note as an animal rights website we do not condone live stock farming.

Read more about the plight of lambs and sheep in the farming industry

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It was bitterly cold when this video was taken, more so than usual for April. One little lamb was wearing a plastic jacket to help keep out the cold and wet. Though it would be better if they were kept in barns. This year the weather has really been unseasonable with snow still lying in many places in both the Yorkshire and Durham dales and no doubt in other elevated regions of the UK. Though there is no lying snow here in the valley there were frequent showers and the wind was icy cold.


A short video of lambs feeding. Lambs it seems always wag their tails vigorously when feeding.


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