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Section updated April 2018

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Seven graphic quotations The Environment

Introduction and Categories

Every so often I will include a quote concerning human and animal rights, and the environment which will focus on anything motivating, uplifting or informative concerning these issues. Often a good and simple quotation such as the one below can send a quick message and be more effective in this harried world of ours when people seem to have less and less time to read lengthy articles.

This section now includes:

Animal Rights  Human Rights  The Environment

Graphic Quotes :Animal Rights slogans

A selection of slogans some with quotations which you may use to help any campaigns both on or off-line. Here is an example:

Graphic slogans and quotes

                                         Graphic Quotes

Graphics with quotations only.

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Most of the quotes will include a graphic usually a photograph I have taken but also the work of other people if copyright permits.

The idea is to spread a message via my photography and the photography and graphics of others, the quotations of the famous and maybe the not so famous. Please feel free to share my images, which have a creative commons license. If the images are mine you will find a link to a full sized photograph included in my flickr album titled simply Quotations.

Some of the graphics below may also be included in my animal and human rights and environment blog:

You can view other graphic quotes including inspirational quotes in my flickr photo album:

Also Graphics quotes blog and website:

Wise Words: Quotations for activists

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Animal Rights     The Environment    Human Rights 

Graphic Quotes: Animal Rights slogans


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