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Climate Emergency: How you can help

Climate change should be a part of campaigns by animal rights activists. Indeed anyone who says they care about animals should also consider supporting a Climate Emergency campaign, such as those organised by Extinction Rebellion, to name but one of many, and take part in as many actions as you can to to save our planet.

Climate issues need to be a part of animal rights campaigns because animals are affected as much, if not more than we are. In a way climate change is yet another injustice caused by humans to the other creatures who share this Earth with us because it is caused by our actions. And in the same way any campaign to save Earth must include Veganism, because animal agriculture is one of the greatest drivers of climate change. If you eat meat or consume dairy products or eggs and you seriously want to save Earth you need to adopt a vegan - plant based - diet.

Taking action to save Earth does not mean you have to take to the streets or support a strike. Though these are probably the best ways to now bring about change, they are not the only ones. Not everyone is able to attend protests, demonstrations, rallies, get arrested or participate in any other active role. Many sick, disabled or elderly people may feel that this is not something they could do but nevertheless have strong feelings of support and wish to bring about change to save our world and its inhabitants from the effects of a mass extinction as a result of global warming.

Below are ways you can help both by way of direct action such as strikes, demonstrations and protests,  but also in a less direct way such as signing and sharing petitions, writing to government officials, newspapers and campaigning on social media.

When I began to compile this list I did not expect to come across so many organisations that are fighting to save our world from the devastation of climate change. This is heartening to say the least and those of you who despair that it may be loosing battle may take consolation in the number of people who are fighting to win, for Earth, for humanity and for all living beings.

The fact is we fight or die, we fight for ourselves and for the animals who have done nothing to bring about this disaster but who like us will face annihilation as a result of what is now the sixth mass extinction.

Note: I don't necessarily support all of the ideas, strategies and actions of the organisations listed below. No organisation for any cause can ever entirely fit with ones personal ideology/ethics or world view. For example you will not find all over support for veganism or even animal rights in all of the groups listed below, though there should be. Neither will you find many who really recognise the fact that capitalism is the cause of climate change and therefore needs to ultimately be abolished rather than modified.  And furthermore capitalism particularly the fossil fuel and meat industry will actively hinder progresses in stopping or mitigating the drastic effects of climate change. Continuing to support the modification of this system of economy will in my opinion hinder progress in saving Earth. But all this can be sorted out in due time, the need for radical change is immediate and we have to work shoulder to shoulder with people who may not necessarily agree with our world view. We need to work alongside Extinction Rebellion and similar while possibly maintaining certain critiques of them. Having said all that we have to keep in mind that we simply cannot carry on in the same way regarding our diet or our unfair economic system which favours the tiny minority at the expense of the overwhelming majority.

Direct Action Demonstrations protests

Firstly the most obvious and the one with which most of us are familiar concerning direct action.

Extinction Rebellion

Non-violent direct action and civil disobedience for action on climate change and the prevention of mass extinction including our own.

"Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse."
Extinction Rebellion's About Page

Join The Rebellion

Rebellion Earth International


More information:

Worldwide Rebellion: Continues 7 October 2019

Earth Strike

We are a grassroots movement demanding immediate climate action from governments and corporations worldwide.

Official International Earth Strike account. GLOBAL WORKER STRIKE SEPTEMBER 20TH 2019.

Find out more

Earth Strike General Strike to Save The Planet -2019


What follows are suggested organisations promoting information along with less direct or confrontational action concerning climate change

Declare A Climate Emergency

Strategies in action for a Climate Emergency Declaration and Mobilisation at all levels of government and all walks of life

Please sign the Climate Emergency Declaration petition.

Call on ALL levels of government to do what is now necessary:

EcoWatch is the nation's (USA) leading environmental news site. "We are leading the charge in using online news to drive fundamental change."

Earth Justice


"As the nation’s (USA) largest nonprofit environmental law organization, we leverage our expertise and commitment to fight for justice and advance the promise of a healthy world for all. We represent every one of our clients free of charge."

More information

Check out their Action Alerts:

The Green Anti-Capitalist Front

"The Green Anti-Capitalist Front is an alliance of groups and individuals united by a belief that capitalism is one of the core causes of the environmental crisis threatening us all, and that if we do not act soon the costs of that crisis will fall on the poor and powerless.

We are encouraged by the ability of Extinction Rebellion to call people onto the streets and push their demands for zero emissions. However, we believe that meeting these demands will not be possible without abolishing capitalism, a system reliant on the total exploitation of nature; whether that be sacrificing our clean water to frack for hydrocarbons or sacrificing our children to the production line."

Climate Reality Project


Sign up for The Climate Reality Project activist list and receive periodic communications from Climate Reality.

Earth First

Media from the front lines of ecological resistance

You can judge and denounce those activists, who were risking and sometimes losing everything, long before climate panic set in, or you can write to some of them in prison and tell them how sorry you are, how sorry everyone should be, that no one listened.

Eco Prisoner list

"The focus of the Earth First! Prisoner Support Project is on eco-prisoners, caged animal liberationists and prisoners of indigenous land struggles, who share an Earth First! bio-centric viewpoint, either in the actions which led to their arrest or in their general activism. We also stand in solidarity with people facing imprisonment for their beliefs and actions reflecting a broader vision towards liberation from the oppressive systems."

Read More

A list of climate action organisations would not be complete with out the Friends of the Earth and Green peace.

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth International

Take Action
"Our work is more successful with your help. The Friends of the Earth International network’s two million members and supporters around the world support us in many ways – join a group in your country, add your voice to an email action, or support us by making a donation."

Green Peace

Green Peace International

Ways to get involved. There are many different types of actions you can take about a number of issues

What we do
"Learn more about the issues we work on":

Important please note:

I am not an animal expert of any kind just your average person who loves animals, all animals, and feels deeply about the plight of many of our fellow creatures. Neither am I a writer, or any other expert. Therefore please keep in mind that the information included in this website has been researched to the best of my ability and any misinformation is quite by accident but of course possible.

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