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A selection of articles about various issues concerning animal rights and other animal related interests.

New October 2017th

Veganism is More Than Just a Diet

Racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other forms of discrimination, including speciesism, are all forms of violence. They are all wrong. The abolitionist approach to animal rights maintains that we cannot see animal exploitation in isolation from these other forms of violence and that we must reject them all. So go vegan, embrace nonviolence, and reject all discrimination.”

Gary L Francione

Veganism is more than just a diet, it is a way of life – at least it should be.

Veganism for me includes not only the abolition of speciesism but also of racism, sexism ageism intelligenceism … any discrimination towards any sentient being.

End Live Export 

Firstly as a vegan I am opposed to what is referred to as “live stock” farming in any form be it organic, small holding or factory farming. There is now no need to kill any animal for his or her meat, meat is not a natural food for human beings, it never was and never will be.

In the exploitation of animals for their meat and other derivatives there are of course many degrees of cruelty and one of the worst is the live export of animals most often to countries where there are no animal welfare laws whatsoever and where these animals are treated with appalling cruelty after spending a gruelling hellish journey by sea to their destination.

Ban the Vile “Sport” of Hunting Worldwide

Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow-creatures is amusing in itself.
James Anthony Froude

It shocks me in the extreme that there are those among us who get pleasure from the murder of helpless and defenceless animals and moreover such people have no shame or conscience and delight in showing off their cruelty and that You Tube are happy to allow such scenes of wanton animal abuse to be accessed from their website. Furthermore it is shocking that in the modern world that there is no single country that outlaws entirely the hunting and killing of the other species with whom we share this world in the name of “Sport”.

The View From Outer
Space - How Would Humans Appear Through Alien Eyes.

I have often ask myself if an intelligent ethically progressive civilisation existed in the universe what would they think of the hell we have created here on earth. How would an observer from another world view the violence, exploitation and suffering that takes place on a massive and relentless scale as a result of actions by the dominant species.

Rabbits: Their Neglect and Abuse

Did you know that rabbits are the most neglected pet here in the UK and no doubt many other countries worldwide? Includes information and actions you can take to help rabbits.

The Tiny Nations

Of all the creatures with whom we share this world insects, arachnids and other tiny beings are overlooked when it comes to caring about how they are treated. Rather like the "fish aren't animals" ignorance, many people do not consider these tiny beings as animals. An article concerning the treatment of insects and the arrival of edible insects in a well know store.

The Good That Men Do: A Brief Look at Some of the Organisations and People Who Care About Animals

It can so often seem that the world is a very uncaring place and animal, and indeed human, abuse is rife, it is as though we are drowning in cruelty and suffering. Yet in the midst of all the awfulness, all the exploitation, all the greed and suffering brought about by humans there are people who care deeply about animals.

In Defence of Rats and Mice

Why defend rats and Mice

Reasons why we should defend rats and mice who are probably the most neglected and abused animals of the planet. This is first of a serious of web pages featuring rats and mice.

Reindeer - A selection of articles concerning reindeer

Reindeer: General Information  Reindeer:Migration  
Reindeer: Myth, religion and Tradition  Reindeer in Art  
Reindeer:Domestication a Short History    
Reindeer the Unlikely Farm Animal: Reindeer Domestication in Recent Times and the issue of Animal Rights.
Reindeer: Emblems on Coins and Stamps
Reindeer:Random facts