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This is an introduction to a series of articles and graphics featuring animals in art. As a person who loves and cares about animals and an on-line activist for the cause of animal rights I often paint animals or include animals in some way in my art work. So I thought it might be interesting to showcase the work of other artists from the past and present, both the famous and not so famous who have chosen animals as subjects or have prominently included animals in their art. These articles will also include an How To Section where you can find links to art instruction information concerning the featured animal. Also an How To Help section with information concerning how you can help whichever animals is the subject of the article.

Anguish: Ewe Mourns The Death of Her Lamb

This article is slightly different from those below as it features one artist only August Friedrich Albrecht Schenck and how his paintings relate to the plight of sheep, the grief of a mother for her lamb and cruelty of farming.

Pigs in Art 

Rabbits and Hares in Art

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Sheep in Art

Important: Please note the information in this section is included for interest only, it is not suitable for serious study as precise accuracy cannot be guaranteed.  Please keep in mind that information included on this website has been researched to the best of my ability and any misinformation is quite by accident but is of course possible.


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Ducks, guinea pigs and a rabbit in a wooded landscape beside a lake