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Animals in Art

This one of a series of posts featuring animals in art. As a person who loves and cares about animals and an on-line activist for the cause of animal rights I often paint animals or include animals in some way in my art work. So I thought it might be interesting to showcase the work of other artists both the famous and not so famous who have chosen animals as subjects or have prominently included animals in their art.

These articles will also include an How To section where you can find links to art instruction information. Also an How To Help section with information concerning how you can help whichever animals is the subject of the article.

This section highlights pigs as they feature in works of art down through the ages to the present day.

The examples of art below do not appear in a chronological order as such is not possible or really important as the article is intended to show examples of pigs and how they feature in a variety of different art forms rather than as an historical account.

Pigs in Prehistoric Art

35,000 year-old Indonesian cave paintings suggest art came out of Africa.

Click the links below to see cave paintings of wild pigs.

"painting of a wild pig from a cave in Maros, probably tens of thousands of years old"

Read More:




Paintings of pigs

Two Pigs in a Sty

This excellent and detailed painting rendered in oil on canvas was painted by Dutch printmaker, painter and draughtsman Paulus Potter in 1649, it is know housed in The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Paulus Potter who was born in 1625 at Enkhuizen in the Netherlands, he painted landscapes with animals and was very talented from an early age, his earliest works date from 1640, when he would have been only 15 years old.



Source of graphic:



A painting of a Gloucestershire Old Spot who was said to be the largest pig ever bred in Britain.

Painted in 1884 by John Miles in oil on canvas. At present included in Gloucester Museums Service Art Collection.

Source of graphic:



An unusual wall painting



"St Anthony is the Patron Saint of Bellringers. He was a swineherd prior to his conversion

Denton is a village in situated off the Northampton to Bedford Road. It has a typical Northamptonshire village church on a mound above an attractive village green.

However if you take the trouble to obtain the key to the church you will have a wonderful surprise.

When you enter the building you cannot help but gasp at the sight in front of you,as the whole of the interior is decorated with wonderful biblical murals painted by the celebrated local artist Henry Bird."

Read More and source of photograph:
Pig Detail from the Belfry Door

Read more about Northampton artist Henry Bird

Below is an excellent contemporary painting of pigs from a photograph

Three Little Pigs

This painting by Sandra Straits was rendered in water-colour. Read more about the painting and source of graphic:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/three Little Pigs

Other paintings by this artist:


Pigs feature in the art of stained glass

Stained glass window of St. Anthony the Hermit, retail pig. Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Lhor, Moselle, France.

Source of graphic:

More information

"In the section of added leaves, St Anthony the Hermit sits in front of a chapel's open door. He had come to sainthood from a career as a swineherd: he is shown with his pigs and swineherd's bell. In Margaret Beauchamp's day, a priory of the hermits of St Anthony was located on Threadneedle Street, London, whence the community's herd of consecrated pigs--the original 'Tantony's pig'--wandered the streets, nibbling the contents of shopping baskets."

Read More:

Sculptures of pigs

Not usually the subject of sculpture, at least not amongst the most famous however there are some interesting and unusual sculpture of pigs

This one is from an art collection at the Capital Museum in Beijing.

Unfortunately there is little information about this sculpture.

Source of graphic:

Pigs in Graffiti Art

Zlín in the Zlín Region, southeastern Moravia, Czech Republic.

Source of graphic:

Drawings of pigs

Sleeping pig was painted by James Ward a painter particularly of animals
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Ward_(artist) The drawing is rendered in "Black and red chalk and graphite on medium, smooth, cream wove paper"

Source of graphic:

A sow lying down in the pen, with six piglets feeding.

Source of graphic:


You might find the following video of interest


From : http://www.vegan.com/

How To Paint a Pig

Paint a pig

How to Paint a Pig by Tim

Includes a neat tip for blending acrylic


The artist says pigs need to be happy sadly this is rarely the case


Draw a pig


How to Draw a Realistic Pig

How To Help Pigs

Read about the reality of life for pigs:
http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-food/factory-farming/pigs/ -
One of the best ways to help pigs is by changing your diet and become vegan, you will find information about how to do this included in the above link.

More information about factory farming

Factory Farming: Pigs


Please note the information in this blog is included for interest only, it is not suitable for serious study as precise accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Please keep in mind that information included on this blog has been researched to the best of my ability and any misinformation is quite by accident but is of course possible.


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Girl with Pigs by Thomas Gainsborough