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February 2012

Welfare Reforms

Can We Really Judge a Man's Heart by his Treatment of Animals


This year consign the Canadian Seal Hunt to History

Our adopted rabbits


Help bring an end to the Canadian Seal Hunt

Help to ban Newcastle University's Cruel Animal Experiments


Stop the Exploitation of Farm Animals at the Olympic Opening Ceremony and Other Comments Concerning the Games


Monsanto buys laboratory researching colony collapse disorder


A Memorial to Joey

The 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring - what has changed?

Please help with a petition to save sheep from further suffering


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Entries for the year 2012


Welfare Reforms Petition

This is a New Petition February 16th

Please do not confuse it with a similar petition which has been removed

Please sign the on-line petition  "Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families."

This is a government petition which if the number of signatures reaches a 100,000 the government will debate the e-petition in the house of commons and review the matter, right now the signatures stand at only 30,000.

So Please Please sign if you have not done so

More In formation

Mostly this website concerns animal rights, however more often than not human beings find that their rights are being violated.  Here in the UK the government have by devious means pushed through a welfare reform bill that is of serious detriment to people who are chronically sick and disabled, including children, and the unemployed. On Wednesday 1st of February despite campaigning, pleading, petitioning by sick and disabled people the government have passed this detrimental bill through the House of Commons.

The unjust and ill thought out welfare reform bill will plunge thousands of sick and disabled people into poverty and isolation. For people who are disabled, who are chronically sick or unemployed this bill is a serious detriment. Without exception, and this includes children, all will face a significant reduction in their income. Sick and disabled people will be found fit for work under the new Work Capability Assessment. Five hundred thousand will loose Disability Living Allowance DLA when it is replaced by Personal independence Payment PIP. Young people born with a disability or chronic illness who will never work will have no dependent income and will have to reply on parents or a partner. People who are suffering with cancer will be required to go for a gruelling assessment to claim benefit and be paced on a One Year time limiting Employment and Support Allowance. These are just a few of the devastating reforms that will seriously effect the lives of people who are suffering profoundly.

This bill will leave many homeless and destitute struggling on a pittance. The bill is a disaster in the making as without exception all disabled and chronically sick people and the unemployed will loose income at a time of rising prices, particularly of food, housing and heating costs. Many will loose their homes, face a deterioration of health and suffer the nightmare of fear and insecurity.

Most sick and disabled people would love nothing more than to be well and making a contribution but who by no fault of their own are dependent on society for help.

For all who are dependent on the state for an income through no fault of their own the future is bleak.

Please sign the petition and pass it on. Twitter, Facebook, My Space, blogs forums, any where you can place a link to this petition.

If we do not act now the lives of many people will be a nightmare of poverty and deprivation with many forced to find jobs they are not well enough to do and which are not available.

More information


Can We Really Judge a Man's Heart by his Treatment of Animals

We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
Immanuel Kant, Lectures on Ethics

Consider the above words in reference to the person whose rampant tirade appears below

"I have spent all week in a state of complete fury.
Like a man possessed with an advanced case of Tourette syndrome, I have been shouting at traffic and assailing my fellow men (and women).

What has brought on this demented state? The hunting debate

It is difficult to explain why this one issue makes me so furious.

Sitting in parliament involves hours of listening to opinions with which you profoundly disagree. I am usually able to do this without shouting, but as soon as I hear Labour members calling for hunting to be banned, I completely lose it.

When John McFall (Dumbarton) gets to his feet I shout "go back to Scotland, you've already banned it."

Interrupting Gerald Kaufman during one of his lengthy and over-precise questions to the minister, I heard myself baying "shut up, you pompous prat."

During the hunting debate I sat patiently for five hours without catching the Speaker's eye. My carefully prepared speech was steadily crumpled and shredded in frustration.

These remarks were made by then MP, now unfortunately Prime Minister, David Cameron in the Guardian Newspaper.

What does David Cameron's treatment of animals and his remarks above say about his heart? What do these comments say about his state of mind?

But if we stop loving animals, aren’t we bound to stop loving humans too?
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Cancer Ward

Yes indeed we are. I firmly believe that if we cannot love or feel compassion for an animal we are less likely to feel compassion for a human being, or put in reverse we cannot experience the full meaning of what it is to be compassionate if we harm another animal without remorse or even worse for pleasure.

Besides the unacceptable remarks regarding Tourett's syndrome, which seems to be a popular but offensive comparison Cameron has made before and continues to make, his sickening enthusiasm for hunting a defenceless animal after pursuing him with a pack of hounds is nothing short of disturbing, not only because of the barbaric cruelty involved but because of his zealous even obsessive determination to pursue the matter of preventing a ban on hunting with hounds. Also the devious manipulative tactical ideas which he has to stop the ban are also disquieting, particularly in light of his dogged determination and manipulations to push through draconian welfare reforms by any means possible. Reforms that will leave many sick and disabled people on the brink of poverty, force many into homelessness and compel others to an American like workforce scheme of forced slave labour as unemployed young people and eventually the sick and disabled, including the terminally ill, are coerced into a work experience programme for no pay. His obsessive drive to implement these reforms has indeed many similarities to his determination to stop the hunting with hounds ban.

You really have to read the entire tirade from the person who now governs the UK

They think it's all over

Tory MP David Cameron sees red during this week's hunting debate and looks forward to a fierce battle against the introduction of a ban.
David Cameron, Friday 22 March 2002

Besides the unease that his rhetoric above has in light of the vicious and callous welfare reforms and controversial plans to privatise the National Health Service, the whole thing is a sickening insight into the mind of a person who gets pleasure from hurting an animal. His enthusiasm for doing so is scary and boarders on psychotic. Many dangerous Sociopaths have an history of animal cruelty. No - I am not suggesting that Cameron is a dangerous sociopath of the 'serial killer' variety, this is a popular misconception as the vast majority of sociopaths are not.

"Many Psychopaths "make their living" by using charm, deceit, and manipulation to gain the confidence of their victims. Many of them can be found in white collar professions where they are aided in their evil by the fact that most people expect certain classes of people to be trustworthy because of their social or professional credentials. Lawyers, doctors, teachers, politicians, psychiatrists and psychologists, generally do not have to earn our trust because they have it by virtue of their positions. But the fact is: psychopaths are found in such lofty spheres also!"

"A psychopath who grows up in a stable family and has access to positive social and educational resources might become a white-collar criminal, or perhaps a somewhat shady entrepreneur, politician, lawyer, judge, or other professional. Another individual with the same traits, and a deprived background might become a common con-artist, a drifter, mercenary, or violent criminal."

The Psychopath - The Mask of Sanity:

Social factors including parenting determines if a sociopath becomes the stereotypical serial killer or other criminal, or a politician, a lawyer, a doctor, even a psychiatrist. However upbringing and social considerations determine only the expression the condition will take and will have no effect on the person's lack of empathy or conscience.

Maybe not the Hollywood serial killer of popular culture or the despotic genocide ethnic cleanser however, many of his policies since election have resulted in widespread suffering amongst the sick and disabled community due to callous and vicious welfare reforms. His shocking manipulative tactics in gaining the confidence of disabled and sick people prior to the election by using his disabled son is reflected in the following statements that Cameron made before the election, which in light of recent events seem now so utterly shocking in their insincerity. Such manipulative tactics are indicative of sociopathy

Referring to his disabled son he said

“I help care for a severely disabled child – my son. It’s what I do at the start of each day. It’s sharpened my focus on the world of care assessments, eligibility criteria, disability living allowance, respite breaks,”

Later, in another interview, yet again he explains how his own personal experiences had shaped his views:

The very painful thing about disability – whether your own or your loved one’s – is the feeling that the situation is out of your control. When the system that surrounds you is very top-down, bureaucratic, inhuman, that can only increase your feelings of helplessness … but I do believe there are moments of despair, helplessness and frustration that could be directly alleviated by the work of government.

If you are not familiar with what is happening here in the UK with regards to the welfare reforms which the government are determined against all odds to make law and the disastrous effect this is having on people who are too ill to work, please visit the websites listed at the end of this entry.

Our humanity isn’t measured by how we treat other people…Our humanity is measured by how we treat animals.
Chuck Palahniuk

Why is Cameron's enthusiasm for fox hunting so disturbing, how does this make him a sadist or a sociopath? After all until recently this was a respectable "sport"

Think about it, what is the difference between hunting a fox with a pack of hounds and hunting your neighbour's cat in a similar manner. Too shocking to even contemplate. If this happened to some ones cat or dog there would be a public outrage, the RSPCA would prosecute and the perpetrator would be labelled a sadistic monster, a sociopath and be publically vilified, heavily fined, even spend some time in jail, he would not be elected to parliament and most certainly would not be elected as Prime Minister. His sick and sadistic behaviour would automatically exempt him from such a position. Yet because Cameron's enthusiasm for fox hunting is not seen in quite the same way, at least not according to the law, no such vilification is forthcoming at least not officially nor by the general population who either do not know of his fondness for the so called sport or have forgotten. Yet are not the two scenarios the same, a fox or a cat what is the difference the hunting of any animal for pleasure is sadistic, disturbing.

Though of course concerning fox hunting this time he did not get his own way and fox hunting has rightly been outlawed. Though as soon as Cameron was elected he did try to reinstate hunting with hounds, however this practice continues to be banned.

This tendency [to cruelty] should be watched in them [children], and if they incline to any such cruelty, they should be taught the contrary usage. For the custom of tormenting and killing other animals will, by degrees, harden their hearts even towards men... And they, who delight in the suffering and destruction of inferior creatures, will not be apt to be very compassionate or benign to those of their own kind.

John Locke

The point is if you can kill an animal not only without any qualms but with pleasure and relish you are one step closer to killing another person and you are further removed from the ability to empathise and to feel compassion

A little satirical humour shows the connection

Despite dozens of suicides, hundreds of hospitalisations and surging unrest - according to Iain Duncan Smith - the Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions - the disabled are "not suffering", from the Tory governments reforms which he is overseeing with a passion approaching (actually passing) sadism. Clearly he is either a sociopath and a liar, or completely out of touch with what is going on. There are no other explanations.

Poster and commentary below by Bizantine_K

Flicker user

I vehemently oppose both the evils of hunting and the equal evils of most of Cameron's and the Tory government's policies, most particularly the barbaric welfare reforms and the privatisation of the NHS and in general his support of the tiny minority in our society who exploit the earth, animals and other humans - the rich.

Is Cameron a sociopath? Who knows. He destroys people's lives without remorse, with a relentless determination and with manipulation. One thing for sure he has an obsessive and sadistic pleasure for hunting  defenceless and harmless animals, this in itself speaks volumes.

In examining, either historically or philosophically, the subject of humanity and cruelty, it is impossible to separate the question of humanity and cruelty to man from that of humanity and cruelty to the lower animals. Between cruelty to man and cruelty to beasts there is doubtless a wide difference, but it is purely a difference of degree. Humanity in either case, cruelty in either case, is essentially the same feeling, arising from the same tendencies in the mind. –
Edward A. Freeman, The Mortality of Field Sports

More Anti hunting views

Gerry Steinberg MP (Labour) points out that the cruel extends to the hounds.

It sickens me to say that puppies that do not show aptitude for hunting, or whose colouring or body shape does not meet the requirements, are usually shot by the kennelman. Foxhounds fortunate enough to make the grade as puppies are trained to chase and kill foxes during the cub-hunting season. It is a particularly unpleasant aspect of hunting that involves the chasing and killing of fox cubs for the purpose of teaching young hounds to kill.

There is no gentle retirement home for these poor animals. When hounds reach the age of six or seven, about half their normal life expectancy, most are simply shot by the very people whom they have served loyally since their birth. That makes a mockery of the hunts� claim that in the event of a ban on hunting with dogs they will have no alternative to shooting them: they shoot them anyway. It is estimated that between 3,000 and 5,000 hounds are killed in that way by hunts each year.

Lord Harrison

Killing for pleasure is wrong and should be banned. Fox hunting, stag hunting and hare coursing are moral issues. It is time that we stood up for morality. The commandment Thou shall not kill may be hedged with exceptions. Thou shall not kill for pleasure is not; it is a commandment for the 21st century and it is time that we respected it unambiguously, without prevarication and without procrastination.

The middle way is still driving on the wrong side of the road; it still permits the killing of the fox for pleasure. One cannot kill half a fox. Like Monty Python's parrot, a fox torn apart by hounds remains dead, deceased and off its perch for ever. Before the fox has been dispatched - sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly - it will have suffered the agonies of the pursuit by animals four times its size and four times its strength. The middle way is a compromise that still seriously compromises the welfare of the fox.

Finally a very apt comment from St. Francis of Assisi the revered Medieval Christian saint known for his compassion toward animals:

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.

Most certainly Cameron has excluded the most disadvantaged in society from the shelter of compassion; the sick and disabled including children, the unemployed and the low paid. His poisonous ideology will rob us of our NHS if we do not act now


Anti Hunting :

League Against Cruel Sports

Welfare Reforms:

Black Triangle Campaign

Disabled People Against the Cuts

The broken of Britain


March 24th

This Year Consign the Canadian Seal Hunt to History

Sadly it is time once again for campaigners world-wide to bring an end to the annual seal hunt.  I am late posting this as it seemed that this annual act of barbarism had finally stopped, at least I could find little mention of it on the internet. Sadly Canada's barbaric and cruel commercial seal hunt continues, although now with a vastly reduced market due to the bans by both the Russian Federation and the EU on the importation of Seal products.  The Canadian government's dogged determination to get their own way in this matter is astounding, despite pressure from concerned and compassionate people from around the world this obscene action of savagery continues year in and year out. This year I thought that as a result of the ban by the Russian Federation that finally once and for all the Canadian Government would do the right thing, if only as a result of a much reduced market for seal products.

"Commercial seal hunting is no longer economically viable. With a landed value of under a million dollars (CAD) last year, Canada puts far more money into trying to keep the seal hunt alive than it actually brings in."

Read more about the history of the Canadian Commercial Seal Hunt

When are governments going to listen to the will of the people and stop pursuing their own unpopular and unwanted agendas. It seems bizarre does it not that the Canadian government are going to continue with this dreadful and shocking massacre of baby seals despite a diminishing market. In their obsessive drive to continue this cruel practice their persistence drives them to fight the 2009 EU ban at the World Trade Organisation and attempt to overturn the ban in Russia.  These bans must continue. We must continue to oppose such cruelty, an anachronism of less enlightening thinking. 

Here is the sickening reality of the kind of thinking behind this atrocity

"I would like to see the six million seals, or whatever number is out there, killed and sold, or destroyed or burned. I do not care what happens to them. If there was a market for more seals, the commercial sealers would be hunting and killing seals. The ‘personal use' sealers...cannot sell them because the markets are not there. What they want is the right to go out and kill the seals....and the more they kill, the better I will love it."

Mr. John Efford, former Canadian Federal Minister for Natural Resources and the
former Minister of Fisheries for the province of Newfoundland.

Source of quotation and more information from Sea Shepherd's Website:

Despite the optimistic tone conveyed by the writer in the above website the 2012 seal hunt has gone ahead

What will it take to top their sickening determination to continue with this atrocity against defenceless animals I wonder

For forty years the International Fund for animal welfare IFAW has fought long and hard to bring a cessation to this annual blood bath to provide fickle people with a fashion accessory and other products they do not need.

Please help the IFAW 2012 campaign read more and send the letter:

You can send it as it is or use your own words.

You can access more information here about the Commercial Seal Hunt and the IFAW attempts to bring it too an end.

There is much cruelty in this world to both human and non human animals and at times it can become just so overwhelming. The barbarity of any kind of cruelty to a defenceless creature, any creature is shocking in any circumstance as in the twenty first century we have no need of such cruelty in order to feed and cloth ourselves. The cruelty however of killing an animal simply for his fur to satisfy the pathetic dictates of fashion for those who have nothing better to focus their lives upon with callous disregard for the pain and suffering of another living, feeling sentient beings is utterly despicable. Throughout the world millions of animals are inhumanely killed for their fur. Despite the production of faux fur that is practically indistinct from the real thing, still the evil trade and slaughter continues.

Each year the snow turns red with the blood of the massacres of these tiny baby seals . The are bludgeoned to death though Sometimes they 're skinned while still alive. The inhumanity of this shocks me as does the mindset of the men who go out each year and commit this crime against these animals against nature and indeed against themselves as such behaviour diminishes their humanity, taints them with cruelty, numbs their compassion towards both human and non human animals.

Harp seals are already threatened by climate-change the added threat of human action could mean their extinction.

This annual barbarity has to stop.

This year take as much action as you can, let us once and for all time consign the Canadian seal hunt to history where all barbaric acts of cruelty and exploitation belong

Here is a list of actions you can take:

Letters writing

While e-mail is a communications revolution in terms of speed and indeed cost of sending written communications a letter still tends to have more impact. But as time is getting on for this year it may be quicker to send an e-mail.

Please write too

Stephen Harper

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Fax: 613-941-6900


Though it says Canadian's do not be put off write anyway.

This morning I received and e-mail from People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) which I include here. Please try and take some of the suggested actions

As you read this e-mail, baby seals may be having their heads smashed in with clubs and hooks rammed into their eyes or mouths. Yes, Canada has started its annual massacre of seals.

We are nearing the final nail in the coffin, so your help is extremely important now so that we can keep pushing hard and end the cruel slaughter of baby seals.

Now that Russia—which had been importing 95 percent of Canadian seal pelts—has joined the U.S. and the E.U. in banning seal fur imports, the seal slaughter is dwindling like never before. Here at PETA, we are working hard to reach the tipping point—in the last year alone, we've teamed up with Iggy Pop and Ke$ha to launch "Canada's Club Scene Sucks" ads, Canadian actor Emmanuelle Vaugier narrated our new seal video highlighting the enormous tax waste of the slaughter, Pamela Anderson led PETA's international plea calling on Russia to ban seal fur from her native Canada, and we protested at Canadian embassies around the world.

Canadian officials are starting to recognize that it may be time to end the slaughter, and national Canadian media outlets are finally editorializing against the massacre. We are closer to victory now than we've ever been before, but we need your voice to help end the slaughter once and for all.

We are asking everyone to take to Twitter and stand up against the seal slaughter by tweeting one of these messages:
Even some of Canada's own members of Parliament are publicly questioning whether the annual massacre should continue. Please politely tweet to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (@pmharper) that he should listen and call off the slaughter immediately.

Thank you for speaking up for seals.


Dan Mathews
Senior Vice President

An absolute wealth of Ideas from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA


Our adopted rabbits

Meet Sooty and Joey our adopted rabbits.


Joey and Sooty side by side in their Bunker

Sooty and Joey soon bonded

You may have already met Sooty, whom we adopted last year, in the entry entitled Domesticated rabbits and neglect.  During the year that Sooty has been with us we have tried to find her a companion as rabbits are very social creatures and do not like to live alone. Finally a couple of weeks ago a volunteer from the RSPCA brought us Joey, a rabbit of about four years of age who came to them with a companion who was sadly euthanized  as he was too ill to recover. I do not know much about either of these unfortunate rabbits except that I have the strong feeling that at the least they were neglected when it comes to affection and human contact.

Joey arrived early in the afternoon shaking all over clearly exceptionally nervous after his trip in the car in an animal carrier. Far more nervous than sooty has ever been. Soon within twenty four hours, though it was touch and go, he and Sooty bonded and are now inseperable grooming each other, sitting side by side, it is a joy to see, more so considering the difficult lives that both rabbits have led. Joey enjoys racing round our small garden jumping in the air, enjoying his freedom after a long confinement; I suspect Joey rather like Sooty viewed the world from the grid of his tiny hutch.

It is unusual for rabbits to bond so quickly, within hours Joey was licking Sooty though both were a little jumpy. Joey continues to be nervous of us and runs into one of the cardboard boxes that we call their bunkers or their panic rooms, a retreat from noise and any disturbance which scares them. Now Joey is less timid but still does not like being stroked but it is early days yet and I think he has had little other than the minimum of contact with humans, most likely only when food or water was brought to him and his companion. Sadly this is often the case with rabbits who begin their lives as a companion animal to please a child and at first are much cuddled and fussed only to finish up at the bottom of the garden when the children have got bored. Rabbits really are not suitable companions for children, they need quite a bit of care and attention, the right food and environment and more often than not they do not like to be picked up.  

Sadly rabbits are less well cared for than either a cat or a dog and it appears to me that their lives are regarded as less important. All too soon they are abandoned, ignored and neglected.

It is unfortunate that many people do not see the amazing creatures that rabbits are. They are far more intelligent than people think, crafty and devious at times. Sooty really is not keen on coming indoors during the winter from playing outside and has worked out that if she sits in the middle of the stairs in the two level hutch no one can reach her. She soon learnt when she was about to be taken indoors and as soon as she saw her carrying box she fled for cover. She knows when we are to go to bed as she has learnt that at this time she gets a treat.

Both rabbits are an absolute joy and it is a privilege to care for them. For the first time in her unhappy life Sooty has a companion and Joey has found a new friend after loosing his mate. Sooty sadly has cataracts as she is an older bunny about seven or eight. She can still see well enough as this is only in the early stages. Due to previous neglect both rabbits may need their teeth filing down but neither know of this ordeal and for now are content with running round the garden exploring and being together.

Many humans think they are better than animals, more advanced intellectually, morally and so on.  Yet  animals unlike human beings except one another without judgement or discrimination, age does not matter to a rabbit. Joey who is about four years old excepts an ageing Sooty who is a different breed than he, animals simply do not notice such things unlike the discrimination and segregation of human beings that results in loneliness and isolation for many people.

Contact the RSPCA If you would like to offer a good home to a rabbit or rather rabbits as no rabbit should live alone, remember that  rabbits need more than a tiny hutch for a full life and need the companionship of another rabbit.

Here is the link for the RSPCA s pet rehoming for any animal not just rabbits

I am sure than in many other countries similar re-homing schemes are available. Many animal sanctuaries are looking for suitable homes for rabbits.



Help bring an end to the Canadian Seal Hunt

Cruelty is one fashion statement we can all do without.
Rue McClanahan

Animal cruelty has no place in the modern world and any country that condones such treatment of animals as the Canadian annual slaughter of helpless seals cannot consider itself civilised or ethical. Each year these defenceless animals are bludgeoned to death in a massacre of pure barbarism to satisfy the fickle fashion of the fickle minded and it has to stop. The EU, the Russian Federation, Mexico and the USA have banned the importation of seal products, yet the slaughter continues as the Canadian government persists in its dogged determination to carry out this barbarous reprehensible act of cruelty despite the protest of millions worldwide.

Gandhi once said "
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

President Vladimir Putin called seal hunting a "bloody business that should have been banned long ago"

What does Canada's treatment of baby harp seals say about this nation? Surely the treatment of these creatures is a stain on the country's international reputation.

Frankly Canada's determination to continue against all odds is nothing short of sickening. Besides the lack of compassion towards these helpless animals, the opposition to this atrocity by the majority of Canadians and the pleas over many years of people worldwide the seal slaughter does not make economic sense. Surely after the Russian Federation, which accounted for ninety five percent of the sales of seal pelts, banned seal imports last December one would expect the Canadian government to have come to its senses.

Many people thought that this year the seal hunt would not happen. Sadly they were mistaken.

This is my second blog posting this year urging action to end this atrocity. I have included this second request for action because we may finally have a chance of stopping this atrocity.

Recently I received an e-mail from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) concerning the seal hunt. Please read the e-mail, which I have included below, and take the action required which is to write an e-mail letter to Canadian senators and ask them to support Sen. Harb's bill, which, if passed, would put an end to the massacre once and for all.

Links to the e-mail letter to Canadian senators to urge them to support Sen. Harb's bill are included with the information below or by clicking here .

To Tweet Stephen Harper Canada's Prime minister and ask him to give sealers an exit strategy that they—and seals—can live with Click Here and scroll down.

The above links are also included in the letter below

This is a real chance to see the end to this awful cruelty, please help if you can.   You can edit the letter in your own words, add a few emotive terms concerning how cruel this slaughter is, how people worldwide have protested for many years and any other personal but polite comments reflecting your feelings on the matter. However if you can't cope with editing, writing such letters is not easy for everyone, send the letter as it is. Every letter sent will help to bring an end to this dreadful and inhuman commercial seal hunt.

Please pass this information on to others via social media such as Twitter and Facebook, forums websites and so on.

" I'm delighted to share some exciting news. Today, Canadian senator Mac Harb introduced a historic bill to end Canada's commercial seal slaughter. Now that Russia—which had imported 95 percent of Canadian seal pelts—has joined the U.S., the E.U., Mexico, and others in banning seal fur, there are no markets for this fur. If passed, Harb's bill would transition people in sealing regions into sustainable economic programs. Senator Harb's bill comes on the heels of Sarah McLachlan's recent appeal on PETA's behalf to Prime Minister Harper urging him to end the slaughter and consider a government buyout of the sealing industry.

We are finally near ending the seal slaughter once and for all, but we need your help. Please take a few minutes and click here to urge Canadian senators to support Harb's bill.

A victory is within reach, but it is not possible without your support. Please share this urgent alert with your friends and family on Facebook, and ask them to join you in speaking up for seals today.

Thank you for everything that you do to help animals.


Dan Mathews
Senior Vice President
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals "

In Addition to the above you could write an e-letter or a postal, snail mail, letter to individual senators, you can find details here:

The senators postal address are included on this page: Look under under Senate, scroll down to Sending Mail to a Senator.

Do not hesitate to write even if you are not Canadian. Many years ago now I wrote a postal letter to a member of the Canadian government whose name now I cannot recall and actually got a personal reply though am not a Canadian citizen. Sometimes a snail mail, a real letter on paper gets a better response. Incidentally the reply was not very favourable towards the cessation of seal hunting nevertheless I did get a reply, so letters are read.

Below are actions you can take with Harpseals Org which has a list of senators who will receive the e-mail. Again you can edit the e-mail letter. Also other actions included in this website.


You could also write to Canada's Prime Minister:

Stephen Harper

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Fax: 613-941-6900


Thank you for taking part in this action which hopefully will consign this awful atrocity towards helpless animals to history for ever.

This entry also appears in my Blog Ranting from a virtual Soapbox:

Help to ban Newcastle University's Cruel  Animal Experiments

Personally I cannot condone experiments on animals under any circumstances for any reason, not even for medical purposes. However even more abhorrent are pointless experiments on animals for the purposes of testing cosmetics or cleaning products or for unnamed unspecified reasons which appears to be the case with Newcastle University. According to the petition, which you may sign by clicking the link further down, last year 22, 000 animals suffered the torture of animal experiments for unknown purposes. At least I am unable to find the reason why Newcastle University is conducting their cruel experiments on animals including rats, mice, fish, monkeys, rabbits, cattle, even Xenopus, a type of frog, and others

What can we do

There are a number of actions you can take

The Close Newcastle Animal Lab have an online petition

No matter were you live in the world you can sign this petition:

Petition to close Newcastle University Animal Labs

We need 10,000 signature so please take the time to sign. This is a care 2 petition and may be signed by international visitors to the website.

Notification of the the Petition was sent to me by the RSPCA, the highly respected animal welfare charity here in the UK

Other action you can take both if you live in the UK or elsewhere:

You could write a letter or e-mail to

Professor Chris Brink Vice chancellor of Newcastle university

Executive Office
Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne
NE1 7RU, United Kingdom

Telephone: 0191 222 6064

A postal letter will be more effective and more likely to be read however if that is inconvenient for any reason please do e-mail, I find if you add your full name and postal address your e-mail is more likely to be read and responded to. I do understand your anger concerning such atrocities towards living feeling sentient creatures however Please be polite, abusive letters and e-mail will probably never be read by Prof Brink or anyone else for that matter.

Please do not hesitate to write even if you do not live here in the UK, animal abuse is a global problem and is the responsibility of ethical caring people the world over to state their protest. 


More details and more about how you can help visit Close Newcastle Animal Lab

As before please pass this information to your friends and family, on-line contacts via social media, twitter, Facebook, forums, blogs and websites.  Every letter, every e-mail and every petition signature counts, and the more people who turn up for the demo the more influence we will have. Time to bring an end to animal cruelty in all its forms. 

Urgent Action:

Urgent Send e-mail to help animals by Monday 21st May
concerning Animal Welfare in world trad

The animal welfare group Compassion in World Farming urgently need  people to send an email concerning "international standards regarding the safety in world trade in animals and animal products".

The e-mail calls for the OIE to take their
responsibilities seriously:

Between the 20th and 25th May, Chief Veterinary Officers (CVOs) from across the world will meet in Paris for the 80th General Session of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

One of the key points for discussion is “the adoption of international standards regarding the safety of world trade in animals and animal products.”

The OIE is responsible for providing guidance on how to protect animals during transport and slaughter and to mediate in emergency animal welfare situations. Yet, in recent months, they have failed spectacularly in fulfilling this role, as was seen with the Gracia del Mar and the footage obtained by Compassion in World Farming from inside an Egyptian slaughterhouse, which was so horrific we couldn’t publish it on our website.

TAKE ACTION – we need 1,000s of supporters to send emails by Monday 21st May

Click the following link to read more and send an e-mail

As before please pass this information to your friends and family, on-line contacts via social media, twitter, Facebook, forums, blogs and websites. The more e-mails sent the more influence we will have. Every e-mail counts  Time to bring an end to animal cruelty in all its forms. After sending the e-mail you will be taken to a page where you will have the opportunity to share on Twitter Facebook and so on.


Stop the Exploitation of Farm Animals at the Olympic Opening Ceremony and Other Comments Concerning the Games

One can measure the greatness and the moral progress of a nation by looking at how it treats its animals
Mahatma Gandhi

What does the following say about the UK?

There are many controversies concerning the Olympic games, here is one of the latest that should be of deep concern to those of us who care about animals and how they are treated. It came as a shock to me to learn that live farm animals including 70 sheep with three sheep dogs, ten ducks, twelve horses, nine geese, three cows and ten chickens will be taking part in this event as part of the opening ceremony.

You can read more details and sign a petition here:

This is just about one of the most outrageous things I have yet heard about regarding the Olympic games. I strongly object for the following reasons.

For a nation that often boasts of its love of animals this ridiculous demonstration in fact shows the world the UK’s callous disregard for these and other farm animals, in fact the widespread and callous treatment of farm animals is the reality of the situation regarding farming here in the UK. Rather than the idyll portrayed in this display the sad truth is that most farm animals are shut away in factory farms in appalling conditions never seeing the light of day, used as commodities to sate the appetites of people who live in one of the richest nations in the world with a food which they do not need and which contributes to the starvation of other people in less fortunate parts of the world.

The effect on the poor animals who will be subjected to this unnecessary and expensive fiasco will be traumatic.

Justin Kerswell of Viva! said “This is wrong on so many levels. Why would anyone think it was a good idea to subject farmed animals to the pandemonium of an Olympic opening ceremony? It smacks of the Roman gladiatorial arena. Many of those animals, especially the sheep, are likely to be terrified.”

There will be approximately 62,000 spectators in the stadium, it is not hard is it to imagine the effect on these poor creatures.

Find out from Viva how you can complain to the Olympic committee:

More information from VIVA

Animals are not here for our use and abuse as interactive animate playthings.

Describing the pathetic and delusional theme of the opening ceremony director Danny Boyle says “The opening scene of the July 27 ceremony represents a traditional and idyllic view of the British countryside." “It is a green and pleasant land because it is something we are really proud of.”

Frankly entire event is a shocking disregard to the suffering of animals and should not be allowed to take place. This land may be "green and pleasant"  but not for the unfortunate animals who are abused in factory farms, which is certainly nothing to be pound of anymore than is this idiotic and exploitative opening ceremony.

This brings me to my next objection which concerns the human animal.

The cost of the performance which lasts an hour at the huge expense of £24 million is a serious social injustice at a time when the disabled and unemployed here in the UK have seen a cut in their benefits with many disabled people being forced into looking for work they are unable to do. In addition five hundred thousand disabled people will soon be excluded from a vital benefit. As a result of these vicious impoverishing  reforms many people have committed suicide. 

Why? What is the reason for the UK government's shocking treatment of the sick, disabled and unemployed?

Apparently the British government cannot afford to pay benefits any longer at the current rate yet can afford the outrageous cost of the Olympic games, an estimated 10 billion, and the Queen’s jubilee and waging war in other countries. Such an unnecessary and decadent wastefulness as this is an outrage at a time when many people go cold, even die here in the UK because of the continuing increase in the cost of heating their homes, when many have been made homeless because of cuts in wages and housing benefits and loss of jobs due to government cuts backs in this so called time of austerity, austerity only for the poor and disadvantaged.

This display of farm animals and indeed the entire Olympic games at a cost of £10 billion is a social injustice of the highest degree when in so called developing countries one child dies every three minutes from malnourishment, when people have to walk ten miles to get water, water which is unclean, when thousands still live in poverty. Even here in the UK 25 percent of children live below the poverty line.

The Olympic games benefits the few at the expense of the many, the British tax payer will be paying for years to come at the expense of the disabled, health care and other more important uses for taxes.

Shame on the British government who are an absolute disgrace and have brought suffering to millions by their actions. This is the latest outrage, there have been others. Please do not tell me that this brings money into the country, the Olympic games is nothing but a platform for greedy corporations to make money. It is an event that panders to the egos of the participants, it is pointless, unnecessary and not in the spirit of the original Olympic games. It benefits the few at the expensive of the many including these unfortunate animals.

Consider the good £10 billion  would do to improving the lives of disadvantaged people worldwide along with the other vast amounts of money spent by the UK and other governments on similar events.

How many children's lives in Africa could be saved with £10 billion, how much clean water could be provided, how many decent homes could be built.

The entire event is a shocking disregard to the suffering of animals and human beings alike. If the event is to generate pride in being British well than for me they have failed miserably.

Please sign the petition if you have not already done so to stop this abuse and exploitation of defenceless animals:

For more information also see:

Also check out the following links concerning the situation for millions of people who go without food or clean water and donate if you can:


Over a million children in the Sahel region of West Africa lack proper food, and could die within months.


Over 1 million children in Central and West Africa are facing a nutrition crisis.

Save the Children

Over 18 million people over west Africa face a growing hunger crisis. More than 1 million children face starvation. We can save their lives but we need to act fast. It cost next to nothing to save a child's life

Everyday people including children have to walk miles for water which is dirty, teeming with bacteria. Each day 4,000 children die of diarrhoea because of filthy water

Water Aid

Everyday Jean walks miles to fetch this water, even though it's so dirty it could kill him

Charity Water

A clean water project nearby means more than safe drinking water to women and children in developing nations; it means time, freedom and incentive to change their communities.

In Africa alone, people spend 40 billion hours every year just walking for water. Women and children usually bear the burden of water collection, walking miles to the nearest source, which is unprotected and likely to make them sick.

The Water Project

Nearly 1 billion people suffer needlessly without access to safe water.

There are just so many charities fighting the problems of hunger, lack of safe water and medicine for millions of people.


Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes. That's one child every 3.5 seconds.
"Every 3.6 seconds one person dies of starvation. Usually it is a child under the age of 5"

How many lives could be saved with this money?

Things have to change for the sake of animals including humans and the environment. Resources need to be allocated where they are needed not to increase the profits of big corporations at the expense of others including the animals with whom we share this world.

"It costs next to nothing to save a child's life" savethechildren  yet millions die and continue to die while millions watch at huge expense sporting events such as the Olympic games with little or no thought to the cost to both humans and non humans alike.

While the 62,000 attendees at the opening ceremony among with millions of TV viewers world wide watch the opening ceremony thousands of children will have died of hunger, many others both children and adults from diseases through lack of water and medical care.


Monsanto buys laboratory researching colony collapse disorder

There is a strong possibility that genetically modified crops with pest control modifications are among the causes of colony collapse disorder (CCD).

It is an absolute outrage that a corporation such as Monsanto with obvious conflict of interest should be allowed to buy out a research laboratory such as
Beelogics which is conducting vital research into the cause of CCD. The concern is that this major producer of genetically modified (GM) food could so easily manipulate results in order to shift the blame from chemical pesticides and GM foods.

Monsanto is an American multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation and is the second largest producer of genetically engineered/ genetically modified seed. There is little doubt that there is a conflict of interest. Corporations work on self interest only, the acquisition of profit above all else, even above the health of us all.

Scientists have been desperately trying to find the reasons why bee colonies across the world are disappearing. This disastrous occurrence is of serious concern for both bees and humans alike. Colony collapse disorder is a worrying  phenomenon, with 90 percent of crops dependent on pollination the impact on food supply will be devastating.

Read more about CCD here on this website Animal Rights Bees , also and

If the cause of CCD is not identified and eradicated not only will the bees die but soon the same fate will befall humanity.

Please read the following article:

Monsanto, the genetically modified food giant, has recently purchased Beeologics, a leading bee research firm. Borrowing a move from the tobacco companies’ playbook, Monsanto appears to have decided that if you do not like the scientific reports coming out about you, then you should just buy the labs.

Beginning in 2007, Beeologics has researched two critical bee issues: colony collapse disorder and Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus. In late September of last year, Monsanto acquired Beeologics for an undisclosed amount. In making this purchase, Monsanto now has control of research that has previously pointed at its pesticides for contributing to – if not outright causing – a sharp decline in bee populations. Multiple studies in recent years have linked pesticides and high fructose corn syrup with colony collapse disorder.

Potential outcome manipulations
With Monsanto’s vested interest in bee research’s conclusions, there is reason to believe that the true causes of and solutions for these bee epidemics may be manipulated if not lost entirely

Click the links below to continue reading this very important article and to sign a petition:

Please sign the petition using the link below rather than the link that appears in the article as you than have an opportunity to make a comment which will have more impact than a signature only. You may sign even if you are not a citizen of the USA.

Research Firm Blames Monsanto for Bee Deaths So… Monsanto Buys It
by Kevin Mathews

Of concern in this issue is the news that Monsanto have been banned in Poland:

Recently banned from Poland with one of the primary reasons being that the company’s genetically modified corn may be devastating the dying bee population, it is evident that Monsanto is under serious fire for their role in the downfall of the vital insects

Also see

Monsanto buys leading bee research firm after being implicated in bee colony collapse by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

It would be unwise indeed for the United States Department of Agriculture to act on any research funded by Monsanto. In my opinion research of this nature should be funded and undertaken by governments only and never by any corporation or anyone with any bias.

I feel strongly about global issues and how greedy corporations are willing to sacrifice the health and wellbeing of everyone, other animals and the environment all in the name of profit to satisfying the seemingly insatiable greed of the few at the expense of the many.

For the sake of Bees and indeed all creatures who depend on bee pollinated plants for food including ourselves a solution must be fond

This phenomenon is not exclusive to the USA, it has occurred also here in the UK and throughout the rest of Europe to include Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, and to a lesser degree it has been reported in Switzerland and Germany. Also possible cases of CCD have been reported in Taiwan

Links to more information

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Why are Europe's bees dying?

September 26th

A memorial to Joey

Sadly our adopted rabbit Joey died September 17th 2012. You can read more about Joey and our other adopted rabbit Sooty here: Our adopted rabbits  After being Joey's guardians for just a month we learnt during a routine examination that he had an aggressive and rare form of skin cancer which was located in his lip. Unfortunatley after two surgeries and five four months later the cancer had returned and had gone to his lungs and there was nothing more they could do. The very gentle and genuinely compassionate vet who had performed the operations regretfully put Joey to sleep.

We hope that at least the surgeries gave him a little longer to live and during the five months that were left to him we made every effort to make his life as full and as happy as possible. You can read more about this and see photographs of Joey on his memorial Page: A Memorial to Joey

Everyone concerned had done his or her best to save Joey's life. We were told that most people would not have bothered to have tried to save a rabbit's life in this way. And the sad fact is people do not value the life of a rabbit as they do a cat or a dog. In fact a neighbour told me that you do not need to take rabbits to the vet. Yet a rabbit's life is as important as that of a cat or dog, to the rabbit his or her life is as import to him or her as ours is to us. The vet agreed, not simply because he wished to make money from the surgery , he incidentally made no charge to euthanize Joey, but because he also genuinely believed that all life is of value to the being whose life it is and all animals wish to be free from pain and avoid death.

Aftercare  and pain relieving medication was not rabbit specific and the dose for either cat or dog was adjusted. There was no medicine for rabbits though there are vaccinations for Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD.

The whole sad event concerning Joey has made me think once again about the way rabbits are treated as pets, often in a far more neglectful way than are either cats or dogs though of course neglect and abuse is widespread throughout all the animals humans bring into their lives as pets.  I have to wonder what would have happened to Joey had he still been in the situation of neglect that he was once prior to his adoption and before his rescue by the RSPCA. Would anyone have noticed the large mole-like growth on his lip. If some one had would Joey have received veterinary care or would he have simply been left to die slowly as the cancer spread to his lungs. Would his owners simply abandon him as often happens.  Even more horrific though hopefully less likely would he have been killed by his owners who may not have been able to afford to take him to the vets even to have him put to sleep. My mind turns to the countless millions of these tiny harmless creatures and others such as guinea pigs, rats and even exotic pets such as snakes or lizards who often face abandonment in hutches, cages or tanks when the novelty has worn off suffering loneliness, cold, even hunger and untreated medical conditions and a long and painful death.  Sadly many animals live and end their lives this way. No one knows, no one is any the wiser. The vet said once that many people do not bother and never know that their rabbits is ill until one day they open the hutch to throw in some food and find their neglected pet dead.

Joey had a short and mostly unhappy life, much of it spent cramped in an hutch but for the last five months during which he was in our care we did our utmost to give him the best life that was in our means to provide for him.

Animals are like you and I, they are thinking feeling living beings, they experience loneliness, bereavement and a whole range of emotions and they suffer.

Sadly there are few controls regarding who is allowed to buy a pet. Entering "are there any legal controls on who buys a pet" into a search engine bought up nothing, no information of any kind, not even anyone querying the need for such controls.  Therefore one has to assume that there aren't any.

Hopefully a time will come when you can no longer just go into a pet shop and buy another living being as you can a bag of sweets. Animals are not here to keep us company, they are not here to entertain us nor to be held in captivity. Rather they are here as are we to live out their lives as nature intended.

I would like see the phasing out of the pet trade though of course I am not for one minute suggesting anyone releases a pet into the wild where he or she would not survive.

A controversial topic.

For a couple of balanced views on the subject please click the link below:

We rescued Sooty from a situation were she was not getting the care she needed and we adopted Joey as companion for Sooty and because he needed a home. I rather think he had been rejected a few times because of his timidity. It appears that most people will only give a home to an animal who responds to them rather than give an home to an animal because the animal needs a loving and caring home. Certainly I and most animal rights activists would not go into a pet shop and buy an animal.

If you really feel you need an animal in your life you should preferably offer a good home to an animal who has been abandoned or abused. A good place to start is the RSPCA :

There are also a good number of animal sanctuaries which offer animals for adoption in fact so many that it would be impossible to list them here. An internet search should find an organisation in most locations worldwide which will offer for adoption animals who need rehoming.

Please consider adopting two of the same species as most animals need the companionship of a member of their own species.

Keeping pets is in my opinion not ideal yet it is a difficult dilemma which is not easy to resolve. The phasing out of animals by preventing their reproduction by  Spaying/neutering seems the only answer while at the same time providing safe caring homes for the animals that are with us at present, yet somehow the mass  sterilisation of other species by the dominant species seems somehow disturbing, unethical.

September 27th

The 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring - what has changed?

Today is the anniversary of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring

Though there are large movements of opposition to the use of pesticides and  other distructive chemicals  and other forms of environmental damage it is sad that governments have really done so little in fifty years to stop the spread and increase of these damaging substances.

Of course as the above article mentions a lot has changed as a result of  Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring with the implementation of regulations and the banning of DDT. Nonetheless pesticides and dangerous chemical continue to be a threat and though laws may have been tightened regulations are flouted or manipulated.

One of the most immediate consequences of the use of pesticides is the probable link to colony collapse disorder CCD ( Animal Rights Bees  and July's entry) , a serious threat of course not only to these creatures themselves but also to our own and indeed other species.

Today I received a request to sign and pass on the following:

Please sign a petition banning the pesticide clothianidin which may be killing our honey bees off by the billions, destroying a key species and endangering our food supply in the process.

Tell EPA: Honey Bees Can't Wait – Ban Clothianidin NOW

The EPA wants to wait until 2018 to review the safety of this suspiciously approved pesticide but our honey bees can't wait 6 more years. And every bee colony that collapses threatens the future of our food supply...

France, Italy, Slovenia, and Germany have already banned clothianidin over concerns of its role in Colony Collapse Disorder.

Please read more and sign the petition:

The environment is just as much an animal rights issue as any other and we must take action for the sake of all living beings including the tiniest bees to ourselves .

The struggle continues as a result of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring

"For surely, without Carson, we might not even be questioning these environmental disasters.

Millions of us around the world are calling out for the truth, refusing to let the Big Corporations smother us with their lies, and demanding action.

We must honor Carson’s memory and not remain silent."

Concluding comments from the above linked article

50 Years After “Silent Spring,” What Would Rachel Say?
by Judy Molland

September 28th

Please help with a petition to save sheep from further suffering


Save 22,000 Export Sheep Stuck in Persian Gulf!

There is just so much cruelty to animals in this world and one of the most appalling is the transport of sheep from Australia to the middle east. I am a vegan and against the meat trade and in favour of total abolition of not only the trade in meat but other animal products also. However until such time that people realise the cruelty of raising and killing animals I and many others  at least expect animals to be treated more humanely .

Regularly thousands of sheep are transported from Australia to the Middle East in horrific conditions of cruelty and the whole trade in live animals needs to be stopped.

However right now there is an incident of particular and immediate concern

Please read the following information from care 2 and sign the petition below:

"22,000 sheep exported from Australia have been stuck for two weeks on a ship sitting in the Persian Gulf after Bahraini officials rejected the shipment on quarantine grounds. Some of the sheep have already died

This incident recalls the 2003 Cuomo Express case, in which over 1,000 export sheep died. In the wake of that case, destination countries signed memoranda of understanding (MOU) agreements with Australia obliging them to accept export animals into feedlots within 36 hours, including into quarantine when needed.

Wellard, the firm who owns the export ship, has not yet exercised its rights under the MOU, and sheep are left to suffer. Please sign the petition to urge officials to offload the export sheep as soon as possible!"

Please sign the petition:

More information about the transportation of sheep and other abuse:

Also see:

and please do not forget to sign the Care2 petition in the above article asking prime minister Gillard to stop muelsing once and for all

Thank you to anyone who signs.


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