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Please Share Video: 8 Horrors inside the animal industry 8 horrors you’ll wish you’d never heard about


Dog Adopted Orphaned Possums update


Sirens of the Lambs

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Please Watch heartbreaking video of Veal Calves Kissing One Another

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Palm Oil: Help Save Orangutans and Other Animals From Extinction



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...for the sake of a little flesh we deprive them of sun, of light, of the duration of life to which they are entitled by birth and being.

If you declare that you are naturally designed for such a diet, then first kill for yourself what you want to eat. Do it, however, only through your own resources, unaided by cleaver or cudgel or any kind of ax

Please Share Video: 8 Horrors inside the animal industry 8 horrors you’ll wish you’d never heard about

The following video from Animal Equality well shows the price animals pay for those who consume meat and other animal products such as dairy and eggs. Animals suffer unimaginable torment so people can eat foods that are not natural.

Published on Aug 14, 2015

"Please watch and share. This is what life looks like inside the animal industry.

"Right this minute animals are being subjected to all sorts of horrors and abuse. They need you to bring the truth to light.

Many people are still not aware of how much misery animals suffer in our society. Let’s change this together"

Warning disturbing images

This one-and-a-half-minute video needs to be seen by everybody!Animals' lives depends on it."

Please stop the cruelty

These defenceless and suffering animals need you to reach as many people as possible.

Please share the video widely, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites.

Please consider a vegan ( plant based) diet

Choose Veganism

Also check out the vegan society's website for more advice and recipes

Go vegan in 30 days with the 30 Day Vegan Pledge

Animal Equality:

Animal Equality Facebook: kill animals for the purpose of feeding on their flesh is one of the most deplorable and shameful infirmities of the human state”
Alphonse de Lamartine, 1865, Les Confidences, New York: Appleton & Co W&P p.78


February - Dog Adopted Orphaned Possums

Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and supporter of free software Luis Leonel.

Luis will be writing from time to time for this blog and my wordpress blog Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox with information about the latest animal rights issues and actions that you can take to bring an end to the cruelty and exploitation of animals.

Dog Adopted Orphaned Possums

In Brazil, a female dog adopted possums whose mother died after she was attacked by another dog at the beginning of January 2016.

Stephanie Maldonado found the orphaned cubs which needed to be fed every two hours, but it was still uncertain if possums would survive without maternal care.

Then her dog named Pretinha intervened to help and began to care for the possums as if they were her own children. "It's very nice to see all the care she has with them, licking them all the time, and snuggling with them," said Stephanie.

Animals have always demonstrated they are more compassionate than humans.

The first link includes more photos and a video.

It has been about a month since the baby orphaned possums came to the life of the Brazilian lady dog PRETINHA and now they are growing healthy and strong thanks to her care.

When they are old enough, Stephanie Maldonado expects the possums can be returned to their natural habitat, carrying with them the legacy of love and affection provided by her adoptive mother.

If you would want to honor this wonderful lady dog, please consider to name your new pet PRETINHA.





Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and supporter of free software Luis Leonel.

Luis will be writing from time to time for this blog and my wordpress blog Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox with information about the latest animal rights issues and actions that you can take to bring an end to the cruelty and exploitation of animals.

Please read and watch the videos.


SIRENS OF THE LAMBS was a moving sculpture by BANKSY depicting a truck full of shrieking cuddly animals being taken to the slaughterhouse. It was designated to highlight the issue of animals farmed for their meat.

Banksy is an English-based graffiti artist, film director and political activist with unknown identity.

Banksy's Official Website

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Please watch heartbreaking Video of Veal Calves Kissing One Another

Please click the link below which will take you to an article called:

Heartbreaking Video of Veal Calves Kissing One Another Through Crate Bars Shows Emotional Lives of Cows

In this video, we see baby calves licking each other’s faces. While that component can be perceived as incredibly adorable, it’s also downright heartbreaking. We can see right before our eyes how emotional and loving these animals are, yet they are locked up in stalls like prisoners.

Please read more and watch this very moving video:

You can read more about the misery and suffering of calves in the veal industry in my blog:


Something Positive

I regret as a result of personal issues which are still on-going I have not been on-line regularly for a while writing or publishing for this website or Vegan rambles.  From time to time I will try and post a blog entry from either myself or guest blogger Luis Leonel but these may be sporadic at best. 

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”
Robert F Kennedy

For the first blog post after such a long break I thought it might be good to include something positive. In fact I hope to include more positive posts than previously in order to create a better balance. With the emphasis on unbalanced and often biased negative aspects of the news the world can seem like a bleak place with little of any good taking place. While there is much evil in the world perpetrated towards both human and non human animals there is also much good.

So many people in their everyday lives contribute to a better world not necessarily in momentous actions but in little ways often not noticed or deliberately ignored - frankly I consider there is a deliberate emphasis on negativity.

So today something positive!!!!

It was in fact difficult to make a selection because contrary to what we tend to think there are many good people in the world, kind caring people. Here is a selection of positive items from the internet which I have personally found uplifting

Please check out the You tube Channel of Erin who has 17 pets  Pets Palace TV

"My name is Erin, I own 9 guinea pigs, 2 bunnies 3 gerbils, a hamster, a cat and a dog. I am very  passionate about animals and I try to give all my pets the best life that I can provide for them. My  aim is to inspire many people to do the best that they can for their small pets."




Erin really looks after her numerous pets very well and it is good to see animals so well cared for. Furthermore it is also good to include something positive about a young person as so often young people are maligned and stereotyped as selfish and uncaring which is most certainly not the case at all.

There are just so many videos included in Erin's You tube channel it was hard to choose a small selection, so if you get a bit of spare time I highly recommend that you watch some of these videos: Pets Palace TV.

It is heartwarming to see animals so well cared for, especially guinea pigs and rabbits, two pets often so neglected.

Furthermore if you are going through a difficult time or when the cruelty, brutality, greed and selfishness of the world gets you down remind yourself by watching videos such as those above and below that there is goodness in the world, there are good and caring people who try to make a difference when and wherever they can.

Middle Schoolers Create 3D-Printed Boot for Injured Penguin (WATCH)

Children help and injured penguin


Read More:

Here is another positive story form Good News Network

50 Good Samaritans on Train Help Refugee Family Navigate New Country

"When a Canadian woman offered to help a refugee family, appearing lost and confused at a train station, little did she know she’d be just one of 50 people coming to their aid."

Read more of this heart warming story:

It often appears that there is little sympathy for refugees and it is my opinion that the issue of immigrants and refugees was sadly the deciding factor or the only factor upon which many people here in the UK based their Brexit vote on. It is therefore such a refreshing change to read about so many people who went out of their way to help this Syrian family

I like this website from The Good deeds organisation. Simple stories of acts of random kindness by ordinary people.

In the great scheme of things maybe the people above seem to make only a small difference yet they make a meaningful difference to the lives of the people or animals whose lives are enhanced by their kindness and caring.

Related link

A selection of positive news items

The above blog entry was first published with some minor alterations on my wordpress blog Rantings from a virtual Soapbox:


Palm Oil: Help Save Orangutans and Other Animals From Extinction

Help save Orangutans and other animals from extinction as a result of the irresponsible cultivation of palm oil.

I am sure you are aware of the environmental damage as a result of the cultivation of palm oil, in particular the loss of habitat for many animals including Orangutans who in countries such as Sumatra are under threat of extinction as their forest home is being felled and turned into oil palm plantations on a massive scale.

Firstly please sign and share the following petition:

“The habitats of iconic endangered species like tigers, orangutans, and rhinoceros are going up in flames, and being replaced with palm tree plantations.

Palm tree oil is one of the hottest commodities on the planet — it’s inexpensive, trans fat-free, and can be found in roughly fifty percent of all market products, according to Rainforest Action Network. But our excessive use of palm oil has come with a significant cost: the homes and lives of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.”

Please read more and sign and share the petition

Save Our Planet By Putting An End To Unsustainable Palm Oil  

You will find more suggestions further down for actions you can take concerning palm oil and its disastrous effects on wildlife.

More information and actions you can take

How This Baby Orangutan Feels About the Fact Their Population Might Be Extinct in 15 Years

“Listen up, people. See this super adorable baby orangutan? See his cute lil’ pout? And that hair? That hair! Blowing in wind. All innocent and cute. Well, if we humans don’t do something aboutdeforestation and palm oil in the next fifteen years, this cutie and her family will no longer exist.”

Continue Reading:  – includes actions you can take to help save orangutans

Sumatran Orangutans – on the edge of extinction

“The orangutans’ forest home is being felled and turned into oil palm plantations on a massive scale, logging continues even within national parks, and road networks divide the remaining forests into isolated fragments. Human-orangutan conflict is now frequent in farmlands, as orangutans raid crops in search of enough food for survival.”

Continue reading, includes Actions you can take to help Orangutans

Orangutan Project

“Indonesia is home to some of the most rich and biodiverse rainforest in the world.

It contains over 80 endemic species and some of the world’s most unique and iconic endangered wildlife such as the orangutan, elephant and tiger. “

Continue reading  also suggested actions such as Join the Palm Oil Resistance Movement

Be sure to check out this page with information about buying palm oil free:

While palm oil is an ingredient of so many things you consume or use it can seem like a daunting task to cross it off your shopping list but try to avoid if an alternative exists or the product is not vital or failing that buy from manufacturers that use a sustainable source – more about sustainable palm oil further down. I think it may put people off if it is suggested to avoid palm oil entirely which may be virtually impossible and as such may make it seem like the situation is hopeless.

Help to stop the destruction of habitat for the cultivation of palm oil by writing to manufacturers and food producers

Take Action

Where a product lists palm oil as one of its ingredients why not write to the manufacturer stating your objections and ask them to use another type of oil or use palm oil from a sustainable source

Here is an example of a letter to Sainsbury’s which sell products produced by palm oil from sustainable sources and also palm oil from unstainable sources,  – in other words grown on land from cleared rain forests, sources that result in deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty and extinction.

Sample Letter


I have been buying your products for many years, and it has been awhile since I checked out the ingredients.

However recently as a result of worldwide concern over the use of palm oil I decided to once again look at the ingredients and was shocked to find that in many cases these ingredients include palm oil.

Is your palm oil from a sustainable source?

If it is it might be an idea to indicate this on the packet, if it isn’t please consider switching to a sustainable source or using another type of oil.

I am sure you are aware of the environmental damage as a result of the cultivation of palm oil in particular the loss of habitat for many animals including Orangutans who in countries such as Sumatra are under threat of extinction as their forest home is being felled and turned into oil palm plantations on a massive scale:

Yours Sincerely

The contact details of all retailers are available on their websites. Don’t forget to check with less well known retailers and don’t assume that if a product is vegan or vegetarian that this means that the palm oil that they invariably use is from a sustainable source. 

You can read more about sustainable palm oil here:  – as you will read there are still problems with sustainable forest. The best solution would be not to grow palm oil at all.

However this is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future. Please therefore consider the following:

Should we boycott palm oil?

Palm oil is here to stay for the indefinite future. The vast majority is consumed in countries in Asia and the Middle East where rainforest conservation is a low priority and consumer demand for sustainable products is negligible. If the American, European and Australian NGOs fighting to save the rainforests call for a boycott, then the companies that use palm will have no incentive to purchase it from sustainable sources. After all, why would companies spend more money on sustainable palm if the people who care about sustainability aren’t buying it? That is why many NGOs argue that demanding and buying responsible palm oil will, over time, protect the remaining forests more than boycotting it will.

Continue reading:

Try to avoid palm oil or buy from sustainable resources only

Simply check the ingredients list

Here are a couple of lists of palm oil alternatives which may or may not be available in your country. When it doubt check with the manufacturer.

Borneo Orangutan Survival Austraila  - scroll down for a list of palm oil free or CSPO  )Certified Sustainable Palm Oil) products

Rain Forest Foundation UK - has a pdf downloadable product guide you can keep with you


Ask Bluestem Brands to stop Torturing Rabbits for Socks and Sweaters

Who would wish to harm such beautiful and gentle animals?


"If you ran a clothing company and found out that some of the sweaters and socks you produced were made with angora wool that likely came from rabbits who were stretched out and tied across boards and who screamed in agony as their fur was roughly ripped out, there's no way that you'd keep making those products—no person or company would be that cruel, right?

Wrong—Bluestem Brands is. This retail company owns stores Norm Thompson and Sahalie, which sell sweaters and socks made with angora wool."

Please read more and send a message:

Tell Bluestem Brands that you refuse to buy from ANY of its stores until it agrees to stop selling ALL items made with angora wool and you'll tell everyone you know to do the same. bi weekly recap oct thirty EA&utm_source=peta2 E-Mail&utm_medium=Alert

Warning: There are some very disturbing images right from the start. If you wish to avoid this as much as possible go to the top of the page and scroll down quickly to the bottom. Though it is difficult not to see the first image, scrolling quickly helps.

The link below will take you to similar information and a similar message to send directly to Urge Retailers Norm Thompson and Sahalie to Stop Selling Angora Wool. There is one image only which may be upsetting, to avoid this after clicking on the file go straight to the top of the page and move the scroll bar to bottom, here you will find a template of a similar message which you can send to Bluestem Brands' stores Norm Thompson and Sahalie .

Please send and share messages.

Please try to edit and personalise but if for some reason this is not possible please send the template messages as they are. Please Share widely

I cannot understand the mind-set of any person who inflicts  such cruelty on another living being who feels pain and terror as these helpless rabbits experience for their entire lives. Furthermore I cannot understand how anyone who knowing what happens to these rabbits can than continues to sell or buy these products of cruelty.

Please sign and Share

Photo Credit: