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Urge Canada to End Its Shameful Seal Slaughter
https://Stop The Canadian Seal Hunt


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Mohandas Gandhi  

Page updated March31st 2018

Some of the links will contain actions for humans as well as animals. This is a vegan website and the vegan ethic includes both humans and animals.

Not to hurt our humble brethren the animals is our first duty to
them - but to stop there is not enough: we have a higher duty - to be of service to them whenever they require it."

St. Francis of Assisi

An old man walking on the beach at dawn noticed a boy picking up a starfish and throwing it into the sea. When asked why, the boy explained that the stranded starfish would die if left to lie in the morning sun. ‘But there are millions of starfish on this beach,’ said the old man. ‘How can your efforts make a difference? ’The boy picked up another starfish and placed it in the waves. ‘It makes a difference to this one,’ he said.

Be a part of the change take action today!

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Immediate campaigns for more urgent action:  
Animal rights campaigns requiring immediate and urgent action

Long term campaigns :

Immediate Urgent Action 



Adams Ogale, then a 19 years old man got paralyzed from neck down while playing football at the beach and injured his spinal cord in Vancouver three years ago. He was a 2nd year international student studying Business Administration. 

Today at age 23, Adams is fighting to get his permanent residence that will enable him have continuous access to medical facilities. Anything short of this for Adams is signing a death certificate for him. 

Please sign this petition to get immigration Canada to allow him stay in Canada on humanitarian grounds. He is a stylist whose brand sold out last year despite being on the wheelchair. Please sign the petition. Please give Adams a new lease of life.

Please send a message to help close dog laboratory

This 'Isle of Dogs'–Style Video Exposes Texas A&M's Own Cruelty to Dogs
Since the highly anticipated new film Isle of Dogs hit theaters in the U.S., PETA has released its own video using stop-motion animation to tell the story of a dog who was in desperate need of rescue.


Please read more and take action:

Please urge Texas A&M University to close their dog laboratory, stop breeding MD dogs, release all dogs for adoption into good homes, and redirect their resources into humane research methods. LEFT TO SUFFER at PetSmart::::peta e-news

You can edit the message using your own words which may be more effective, however if this is not possible please send as it is, the important thing is to take action and help bring an end to this shocking cruelty.



Conservation Emergency! Urgent Please sign the following petition:

More Information:
Conservation Emergency: Save the Sumatran Rainforest


Long Term Campaigns

Long Term Campaigns and animal right organisations acting to save, care for and protect animals.

Below you will find a listing of Animal Rights campaigns, animal advocacies, farm and other animal sanctuaries and actions you can take to support them in their endeavours and improve the lives of animals and stop cruelty and abuse.

Such action may include signing petitions or letter/email writing, fund raising, making a donation, leaflet distribution sponsoring an animal and peaceful protestations.

Concerning factory farming one of the ways we can demonstrate our objections is quite simply to stop consuming animal products such as meat (which of course includes fish), eggs and milk.  For help and advice about how to become vegetarian or vegan :Go Veggi/Vegan

This is an on-going section and new campaigns will be included from time to time. However this list is far from comprehensive, there are many more campaigns than those included here. Sadly animal cruelty continues on a wide scale and while the focus here on this website is mostly on the plight of factory farmed animals, abuse and appalling cruelly takes place in many other circumstances. If you know of any campaigns or actions to stop cruelty to any animal and help improve circumstances for all animals please let me know and I will add it to the list.

Please consider taking at least one action to stop the abuse of animals.

Even if you can take only one small action such as signing a petition this will go a long way towards improving the lives of animals.

RSPCA Campaigns

Help Stop the cruel mulesing mutilation of lambs used for wool in Australia

Help Stop the cruel mulesing mutilation, and other cruelties to lambs used for wool in Australia.

Tens of millions of lambs in Australia are mutilated every year with gardening shears or clips in a crude and cruel attempt to reduce the risk of a maggot infestation called "flystrike." After the mutilation, the distressed lambs are often unable to stand for days, and when they are finally able to do so, they often move sideways (as crabs do) in order to abate the pain. Humane—and superior—alternatives to mulesing are available and in use by farmers in New Zealand and in some parts of Australia.

More information:



Stop the seal hunt action you can take

Stop the Annual Canadian seal massacre

Each year, seal hunters in Canada participate in the largest mass slaughter of marine mammals in the world. Hundreds of thousands of seals could be slaughtered this season -- most before they're 12 weeks old.

Hunters descend on once peaceful seal herds, shooting the seals at close range and beating pups with clubs. The seals' bodies are then sold for their meat and fur...

This cruel massacre of these defenceless animals has gone on for years, the Canadian movement it seems continues to ignore the pleas from people all over the world including governments and the European Union for it to stop.

For action you may take:



Petra,  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, with 2 million supporters is the largest animals rights organisation in the world, here you will find on-gong campaigns to which you may offer your support in a number of ways such as signing petitions, writing letters or e-mails, donations and so on.

PETA's Get Active Center


Viva Vegetarians International Voice for Animals

Find out about campaigns and actions you can take to stop cruelty to animals in factory farms and other circumstances of abuse. Campaigns such as writing letters to government officials, MPs, local papers,  dropping leaflets and fund raising are just a few of the many actions you can  take to bring about change to the way we treat animals

Get involved - details of action you can take

Main Website:


UK animal rights website dedicated to ending animal experiments

"Our ultimate aim to end the ultimate evil. Animal experiments represent the most intense form of systematic cruelty - on an industrial scale - in the history of humanity..."

"In the decade since it was founded, Uncaged has developed a unique campaigning approach which has placed it at the forefront of the anti-vivisection movement."

Click the links below for action you can take to help bring an end to vivisection

Kinship Circle

Actions you can take to help animals include: letter and e-mail writing campaigns, volunteer for disasters, donate and other actions


Kinship Circle believes all beings possess the right to exist in their natural environment and express behaviors significant to their kind. When animals are viewed as "things for human use," and thus denied the primary protections humans enjoy, they are victims of speciesism, a discriminatory benchmark similar to race, religion, gender, sexual preference or age.

Kinship Circle is a 501c3 nonprofit organization serving the animal advocacy community. We empower people to communicate (speak,write, present) influentially to lawmakers, businesses, media and other decision-makers.

Our core strengths are RESEARCH, WRITING, and GRAPHIC DESIGN utilized in action campaigns, literature, and other advocacy materials. We INFORM and MOTIVATE activists to take part in weekly action for animals.

Kinship Circle



International Fund for animal Welfare

The International fund for animal Welfare has many campaigns in which you may participate

Get Involved:


Animals Australia

"Whether you have a month or a minute to spare—you can make a big difference to the lives of animals!
Many Australians are unaware of the issues involving animal cruelty (such as factory farming or the live export trade). This means that ‘word of mouth’ is one of the most effective forms of spreading awareness. This, combined with making compassionate choices in your every day life, means that you really can make a difference!

Together we can expose animal cruelty and improve the lives of millions of animals. Find out how simple it can be to add your voice to the call for change..."

The following link will take you to a list of actions you can take
Action Centre // Animals Australia



Sponsor An Animal

The Farm Animal Sanctuary UK

Last secure place for over 530 animals and birds rescued from abuse, neglect, slaughter and abandonment. Please donate or sponsor to keep them safe.

Adopt an animal


Farm Sanctuary USA

"Currently, Farm Sanctuary operates two shelters — a 175-acre farm in upstate New York and a 300-acre farm in northern California. Our shelters rescue, rehabilitate and provide lifelong care for hundreds of animals who have been rescued from stockyards, factory farms, and slaughterhouses. Here, the animals are given all the care and love needed to recover from a lifetime of abuse and neglect. All of the animals have nourishing food, spacious, clean barns, and acres of green, sunny pastures in which to roam."

You can help farm sanctuary by taking the following actions:



Click the  link below for a list of actions you may take such volunteering

Get involved click the GET INVOLVED tab on the home page


Important please note:

I am not an animal expert of any kind just your average person who loves animals, all animals, and feels deeply about the plight of many of our fellow creatures. Neither am I a writer, or any other expert. Therefore please keep in mind that the information included in this website has been researched to the best of my ability and any misinformation is quite by accident but of course possible.

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