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Sheep, pigs, cattle, flowers and in time all sort of subjects will be included and all for free

My hand drawn clipart is painted with acrylic or coloured with water coloured pencils, scanned and sized in two choices, a small graphic and a larger one for you to edit according to you requirements.

Before downloading  please read instructions and conditions use.                                                                                                       

To Make a selection: Click on the graphic or link






I am not sure if my graphics can accurately be described as clip art but the graphics included here may certainly be used for this purpose. I am not a computer graphics expert by any means but you are welcome to use these graphics for clip art if they prove suitable in accordance with the conditions of use below 

These graphics are hand drawn but not terribly accurately, and painted but with some editing in a variety of graphics programmes. Because these images are not perfect or created directly by a graphics software they may need some editing to optimise them. They can be resized in any graphics programme but they do not resize so well if pasted directly into your word processor documents or web pages. It is best to resize first in your graphics programme. They are more suitable for web pages but can be used for documents but the quality is not so good when resized. If you would like copies at a higher resolution more suitable for documents I will pleased to send you a tiff file scanned at a higher resolution but you will need to edit to your own requirements.

Instructions and conditions of use

Please note: some of these graphics are only available with a white background. However if you have the necessary expertise you are welcome to alter them as transparencies if it is possible to so. The sheep clipart is however perhaps more suited to a while background.

There are two sizes to choose from: click on the links for a larger image. Save to your own hard drive by right clicking and choose "save picture as" from the drop down menu. I think there is a similar procedure for Mac users, sorry I don't know precisely.

All images are for free distribution and are for charitable, non profit or personal use only, for any other purpose please contact me.

Please do not use any of our photographs to promote farming or similar practices. If in doubt please contact Christine @

Please do not link directly to my graphics: this is bandwidth theft. Download the graphic onto your own hard drive.

Thank you.