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Spring Lambs 2010

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Below is a small collection of our videos taken by John of spring lambs uploaded to U Tube and or Flickr

Also see: Animal Slide shows and Videos: Sheep

Sheep with an Itch A short video of a Swaledale sheep with an itch, taken in the Yorkshire Dales nr the village of Reeth.)

Please note we are amateurs and the short films were taken using a camera. Nonetheless, the following videos nicely show the playful antics and natural curiosity of lambs.

Spring Lambs 2009

Playful Lambs

Playful Lambs is a short collection of video clips of lambs, most, but not all, taken in the Spring of 2010.

You may need to turn up your volume to hear the background music, I noticed on my computer that for some reason the volume is very low and I had to raise the volume to its fullest extent.


More Videos coming soon

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