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Videos spring Lambs 2009 and 2008

Below is a small collection of photographs of spring lambs including images sized for desktop wallpaper. Also short videos.

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It is possible to think lambs the cutest things ever and then go and eat a lovely lamb dinner overlooking a field of them

Jo Homer: Observations on the United Kingdom

Sadly this is the case here in the UK. The adorable tiny lambs you see below much admired and photographed grazed on land close by a cafe where on the menu was Yorkshire lamb hot pot. After seeing these gentle creature so full of life, frolicking in the grass, bleating to one other and to their ever attentive mothers, how can anyone then order a meal of local lamb? Yet people do so without giving it a thought! The incongruity of such thinking never ceases to amaze me. It appears to me that such inconsistency arises from simply not thinking or from faulty and habitual thinking. Sheep like all animals are sentient creatures capable of pain and pleasure as are you and I. It is time surely to question such habits?  Please refer to: Sentient Sheep  Animal rights: sheep and Think differently go veggie/vegan

Please enjoy the photographs below, all for free download.

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I do not like to see all these markings on sheep or their lambs, it is a sign of their exploitation, which you may read about here. Animal rights: sheep.

The numbers are meant to identify which lamb belongs to which ewe. The bright coloured blotches are to identify which sheep belongs to which farmer as hill farmers use common grazing, sometimes there is more than one mark as hill farmers may have access to more than one fell.

During the mating season rams chests are painted with a bright colour which rubs off onto the ewe when he mates with her, this enables the farmer to recognise if the ram has mated and which ewes may be impregnated.

When a ewe is in season she releases two eggs every two weeks right up until she has conceived, at which time she stops producing the scent which attracts the ram to mate. The colour of the paint is changed by the farmer at two week intervals to coincide with the ewes release of eggs. This way the farmer can tell when lambing will take place. It may take several attempts before a ewe becomes pregnant which is why at times some sheep may have multicoloured markings.

This cute little lamb and her sister were all curled up on a chilly day in late March, so tiny like little bundles of wool.


Below you can see this lamb and others on a couple of short videos.

Videos spring Lambs 2009 and 2008



This little lamb is slightly older than the one above. Many of the lambs in these fields had had their tails docked, a painful mutilation: During this particular mutilation the lamb's tail is removed by using a tight rubber ring which restricts the flow of blood to the tail which after some time causes the tail to drop off, usually 7 to 10 days.

Read more about tail docking and other abuses carried out on sheep: Liberate our sheep and Animal right sheep


Spring Lambs 2009 Desktop Wallpaper

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You can access the full size photograph of the above from our photostream on Flickr where you will find more of our photographs of sheep :
Ewe and her lambs 2009 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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