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Videos spring Lambs 2009 and 2008

Below is a small collection of photographs of spring lambs including images sized for desktop wallpaper. Also short videos.

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Please enjoy the photographs below, all for free download.

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The ewe in this photograph was very protective of her lambs, bleating loudly when we pulled up in the car to take the photographs you see on this page.
Her intention was clear; keep away from my lambs!  After we stood there for some time to allow her to get used to us we where even allowed to stroke her tiny lamb who poked her head through the fence



You can view videos of this little black and white lamb and also the black lambs above:

Videos spring Lambs 2009 and 2008

Spring Lambs 2009 Desktop Wallpaper

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The Swaledale ewe and her lamb in the photo above left were among a large flock who where being moved from their field to a farm some distance away. We were delayed by this and followed behind in our car. We noticed the sheep dogs seemed to keep their distance and at one point the ewe in the above photograph,left,challenged the sheep dog who attempted to move her and her lamb along when they stopped to graze along the way, he soon backed off and the farmer came to his rescue. It did appear comical because we imagine sheep to be timid creatures. However ewes are fiercely protective of their young and will challenge a dog and indeed a human if she feel that they are a threat to her off spring, as is the case of the ewe in the picture, right, already referred to above.  

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