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This page is part of a section concerning Reindeer.
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Reindeer: Emblems on Coins and Stamps
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The following sections illustrate the subject of reindeer as emblems on coins and stamps.

Reindeer on Coins

Reindeer have been the subjects of coins in a number of countries including the Russian federation and Canada.

Commemorative coins issued by The Central Bank of the Russian Federation as part of the series "Protect Our World", feature reindeer. The inscription at the top along the
rim – СОХРАНИМ НАШ МИР (Protect Our World).
The artist is A.S. Kunats, A.V. Baklanov. The sculptor is  S.V. Smirnov. 1*)

The following coins were issued 27/09/2004 *2)



Russian: Coin Bank of Russia - Series: "Protect Our World", northern reindeer,100 roubles-  reverse

Russian: Coin Bank of Russia - Series: "Protect Our World" Reindeer, 3 roubles in reverse.

Russian: Coin Bank of Russia - Series: "Protect Our World ", northern reindeer,  25 roubles, the reverse.
Russian: Coin Bank of Russia - Series: "Protect Our World"  northern reindeer deer, 50 roubles, reverse

Russian: Coin Bank of Russia - Series: Protect Our World ", Reindeer, 200 roubles, in reverse

Russian: Coin Bank of Russia - Series: Protect Our World ", northern deer,
10 000,
reverse. Issued 2004.

Commemorative Russian Silver coin
Series: Protect Our World
Reindeer. issued  2004                   







Translated by

Canadian quarter/ fifty cent piece

Reverse side of a Canadian Quarter features a reindeer deer/caribou.

In 1937 artist  Emanuel Hahn, the celebrated Canadian sculptor and coin designer, created the image of a caribou that replaced the maple boughs, it was introduced as part of an overhaul of Canadian circulating coin designs and was a way to modernize Canada's coinage and make it more emblematic of the nation.

The design has remained the same since its creation 73 years ago. With the exception of a few special edition coin years, the caribou is the image that generally appears on the Canadian quarter. The design is of a bust of a Caribou with the legend of “CANADA” and the date on the perimeter, and the denomination located between the antlers.

Issues: 1937 to 1972, 1974 to 1991, 1993 to 1998, 2001 to the present


Reindeer featured Stamps

Postage stamps issued depicting reindeer.

Here are a few examples

The services of Newfoundland Regiment during world war 1 were commemorated in 1919 by the issue of a set of twelve stamps. The stamps have the phrase "The Tail of the Caribou" which originated with Lt. Col. Nangle, Roman Catholic Chaplain of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. The badge of the Regiment consisted of the head of a caribou over a ribbon lettered Newfoundland. In keeping with their emblem, a design of a caribou had been selected to represent this particular issue.



Rudolf stamp

This colourfully  attractive Finnish postage stamp issued in 1994 depicts Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

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1) The Central Bank of the Russian Federation

2) The Central Bank of the Russian Federation Issue date information 

3) Coin Graphics

4) Canadian Quarter Reverse

5) Trail of Caribou Beaumont Hamel Stamp


Banner photograph Reindeer & Canada Geese

Snow background:

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