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To access photographs for use as desktop Wallpaper click on the appropriate text below each thumbnail for the size you require:  800x600 and 1078x768. 

Update 2016: Most of this wallpaper is probably sized to small for modern computer screens. I have decided to leave them on-line as removing them is too big a task right now and they are useful for other purposes. I will no longer be providing desktop wallpaper as I do not have the space on my host server to do so.  You can obtain most of the photographs included on this website in larger sizes from my Flickr Photostream:

Also a small selection of all new photographs uploaded will include sizes 1152x864 and 1600x1200 beginning with Page Seven and also in the following section Spring lambs 2011

Before downloading please read instructions and conditions of use if you have not already done so.

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More wallpaper is included in the following sections including some larger sizes:

Spring Lambs 2010  Spring lambs 2009  Sentient Sheep


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