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800x600  1024x768

800x600  1024x768

800x600  1024x768

800x600  1024x768

Although the above photograph of sheep in deep snow on a bright frosty morning makes nice wallpaper, it is upsetting to see sheep out in extremes of weather with no shelter or grazing. It had snowed heavily over night, blizzard conditions and the Durham Dales where covered in thick snow. These particular sheep did eventually receive feed, but this does not always seem to be the case for many sheep trapped in fields and in the hills covered with deep snow and no access to grazing or any kind of shelter.

800x600  1024x768

800x600  1024x768

Early spring lambs. These photographs where taken in mid February.

In nature breading happens once each year, the ewe (female sheep) comes into season in the autumn and sometimes in winter and gives birth when it is warmer in the spring. Ewes  naturally give birth to one and more rarely two lambs.  However modern farming practices interfere with this natural cycle by the use of hormones and controlled lighting whilst keeping ewes confined to sheds in order to capitalise on sales of lamb for Easter and lambs are born earlier, sometimes as early as January even December. The consequences of this abuse are dire; many of these tiny lambs do not survive the cold and each year over one million new born lambs die of exposure within days of being born.   For more information on these issues please refer to Liberate our sheep and Think Differently Go Veggie/Vegan

I do so hate to see those numbers on sheep, in my view it is abusive to treat animals as though they where inanimate objects. I am told this is done in order for the farmer to know which lambs belong to which mother.